Coronavirus Pandemic Will End Without a Vaccine, Expert Claims

The novel coronavirus claimed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people all around the world and infected millions of individuals. A coronavirus vaccine is the need of the hour to contain the outbreak. However, an Italian expert on infectious diseases claimed that the coronavirus strain weakened and does not require a vaccine anymore.

Many countries around the world are racing to develop an effective coronavirus vaccine. This seems like the only way to end this pandemic since there is no antiviral drug available for the novel virus.

Professor Matteo Bassetti, however, has a different point of view. He is the head of the infectious diseases clinic at the Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Italy. Prof. Bassetti said that the development of a vaccine at this stage is not necessary.

He said that the virus changed immensely over the past month and its clinical significance altered. He also explained that the coronavirus infection in past months had more severe symptoms. Most of the people developed a severe infection and needed a breathing ventilator. The symptoms of the disease were hard to manage. But recently, the pattern changed drastically and the symptoms became mild.

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He said that the doctors are now familiar with the disease so they can provide better treatment. It is not backed up scientific proof yet but it seems that the coronavirus went through a mutation in genetic makeup.

Bassetti said that in March and April, the coronavirus infected elder patients more severely. The patients above 80 years of age had very few chances of survival and needed a mechanical ventilator. But now they can even sit in their bed and survive the disease.

He also said that there is less viral load in the respiratory tract of the patients. It shows that social distancing and lockdown had an impact on the virus. Also, the immune system defends the body against the virus. All of these factors might have led to the mutation in the viral genome. The mutations in genetic makeup are not demonstrated yet.

The professor believes that the virus might eradicate without a coronavirus vaccine. The number of cases is decreasing every day and the virus might go away just like that.

Earlier in May, another health expert claimed that the coronavirus strain is weakening with time. Professor Karol Sikora is an oncologist and he is the chief medical officer at Rutherford Health Institute in the UK. He said that there is a possibility that the pandemic ends on its own without a coronavirus vaccine.

Some experts also contradict these claims. Dr. Bharat Pankhania is a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School. He was also a Public Health England consultant previously. Dr. Pankhania said that this concept is not applicable for the long term as the coronavirus will not eradicate this soon.

He also said that the virus is extremely widespread and infectious. Hence, we need a coronavirus vaccine to eradicate it. He also said that it is not possible for the coronavirus to become nonvirulent for many years.

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