Can You Completely Recover from COVID-19?

The coronavirus infection is not the same among all populations. It infects some people more severely than others. Even some are asymptomatic while others develop a serious infection.

An ICU nurse explained what life is like after someone recovers from a coronavirus infection. Sherie Antoinette observed some of the most severe cases of coronavirus. She said that a person cannot simply go back to their life after recovery. Most of the people suffer from severe organ damage which will take a long time to heal.

She tweeted her experience with the patients saying that some of the patients require a lung transplant as their lungs are not functional after the infection. The coronavirus also increases the thickness of the blood which is harmful to the heart. Hence, some people suffer a stroke or heart disease sooner or later.

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Stephanie McCarroll, another nurse tweeted in response to it saying that she observed the hospitalized patients of coronavirus. She explained different skin conditions in people with coronavirus infection. Most of the people had swollen skin and blisters all over the body. Also, it becomes extremely flaky and dry.

Stephanie also talked about other conditions she observed in the ICU. In most of the cases, the blood of the patients thickens. Also, the kidneys are severely damaged producing dark urine.

She also said that a lot of people without any underlying heart conditions are now facing heart problems. They have an abnormal heart rate but they do not exactly know the cause of it. Stephanie also discussed the situation of people on breathing ventilators. They are in severely sensitive conditions and almost can not move.

Several other people who recovered from coronavirus shared their experience. A 33 years old woman, Alicia said that she suffered from Covid-19 for almost 2 months. She said that she was completely healthy before the infection but she could barely walk after it.

Alicia also explained the early symptoms of Covid-19 that she experienced. One of the major symptoms was frequent sweating, especially during the night. She also had a metallic taste in her mouth which is probably a sign of lung infection.

Another patient who required a breathing ventilator for six days shared her post-recovery story. Andi got sick with coronavirus infection back in March. Until now, she is unable to breathe properly and her body is swollen most of the time. She also urinates less frequently which is probably an aftereffect of Covid-19.

So, can a person actually recover from a coronavirus infection?

These experiences show that most of the people suffer from severe after-effects of the disease. Even after they are discharged from the hospital, they are not completely healthy. People with no previous underlying health conditions have now developed serious diseases of hearts and lungs.

Some people also suffer from permanent lung damage which leads to respiratory problems. Also, the coronavirus infection severely affects the heart functioning. A lot of people complained about shortness of breath and the inability to walk for long distances post-recovery. Hence, the after-effects will remain with a lot of people even after they recovered from Covid-19.


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