The Organisers of the New York City Marathon Postpone it Because of the On-going Coronavirus Pandemic

Huge gatherings are a high-risk factor for the transmission of infection during the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers of the New York Marathon announced to cancel the event this year due to the ongoing pandemic. The New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the world and more than 50,000 people participate in it every year.

The race was due in November to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, the risk of the spread of coronavirus caused the authorities to cancel the marathon. The participants run across a 26.2 miles course with nearly one million fans cheering for them. Also, 10,000 volunteers participate in the marathon.

It is very difficult for the organizers to contain such a huge crowd and ensure social distancing among them. The City officials decided not to take a risk during a global pandemic. The health experts also advised dismissing any events involving huge crowds. There is a huge risk of transmission of coronavirus in mass events. Also, the risk will remain until a vaccine or drug is available for the coronavirus.

The White House officials recently warned about an imminent wave of coronavirus later this year. Although the coronavirus cases in New York are the lowest in the UK, there is a huge risk involving events that include people from all areas of the country. The cases are increasing in 26 states across the country due to negligence regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

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The coronavirus pandemic caused a global economic crisis due to the loss of jobs and business. The sports department also suffered as all the events canceled this year.

The New York Road Runners’ chief executive, Michael Capiraso said that they planned to organize the event this year. The organizers hoped the coronavirus outbreak will be contained before the event. However, considering the current situation, they decided to cancel for the safety of the runners and the fans.

He also said that the situation of a pandemic caused them to cancel the event. It was also the only possible choice for them. The organizers wanted to cancel the event before investing more funds into it.

The organizers are also planning to announce a virtual running event in July. The runners who registered for this event can participate in the virtual event. The runners can also register for a refund if they want to.

A huge crowd comes together during the New York City Marathon each year. It is almost impossible to maintain six feet distance among such a huge crowd.

The New York City Marathon is the third major marathon event to cancel due to coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Previously, the Boston Marathon canceled due to the outbreak. The Berlin Marathon also canceled that was due in September.

Another major sports event canceled this year is the Tokyo Olympics. The sports department suffered a loss of millions of dollars due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although most of the countries are now lifting the lockdown it is difficult to ensure preventive guidelines in such huge events. Hence, most of the sports events this year are canceling due to the pandemic.


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