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Latest Study Shows Coronavirus Transmission Through Respiratory Droplets

The spread of coronavirus usually occurs through droplets from the mouth by coughing and sneezing. The latest study shows the coronavirus transmission mode through the air and by simply even talking. The coronavirus can also travel through the air for more than eight feet or 2.4 meters.

The researchers claim that the droplets released through talking, sneezing, and coughing contain the viral load. According to the study, one minute of talking loudly produces nearly 1,000 droplets containing coronavirus. The most commonly known coronavirus transmission mode, a cough releases about 3,000 droplets into the air. Also, sneezing releases 40,000 droplets on average carrying the viral load.

They published their research in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

The scientists also explained that not all droplets need to contain viral particles. The bigger droplets are more susceptible to disease transmission. However, they cannot remain suspended in the air for a longer period. The smaller droplets can stay in the air and travel through greater distances. But the smaller droplets have a lesser chance of carrying the coronavirus.

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The research also shows the ability of droplets to travel through the air. The droplets remain suspended in the air through an infected individual. Another vulnerable person can inhale these particles and get a coronavirus infection. These particles can also travel through a distance of 20 feet or six meters. The droplets can enter a nearby ventilation system and travel further distance in the air.

Another coronavirus transmission mode is through touching surfaces exposed to the mouth droplets. When a person touches such a surface and touches their face later, the virus gains entry to the body through mouth or nose.

The authors of the study are Dr. Rajiv Dhand who is from the University of Tennessee, and Dr. Jie Li is from Rush University in Chicago. They said that the large droplets from the respiratory tract of an infected person contain viral particles such as the influenza virus which causes the common cold. These droplets can travel through the air for about six feet distance.

The droplets coming from the mouth have varying sizes and all are not the same. Some particles are bigger than others. The small respiratory droplets can spray vertically in the surrounding air ranging from 13 to 20 feet. This distance is long enough for the particles to enter the ventilation system of a building and circulate through the air.

The government of the UK announced to open the pubs from next month with preventive guidelines. The authorities stressed the pub owners to ban singing and shouting in the capacity to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Since the major coronavirus transmission mode is through mouth droplets, they can escape by any means including singing, shouting, and even talking.

The experts also advised them to ban paying loud music in bars in pubs. In this way, people will not need to speak loudly and cause transmission of coronavirus to nearby people. The public is also discouraged to sit face to face with each other. They also advised to wear face masks as much as possible and follow the social distancing rules.

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