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At least 20 Million Americans have Contracted the Virus, Says CDC

The most densely populated states of the US recently saw a surge in the coronavirus cases. In the meantime, the government is gradually reopening business despite the increase in the number of coronavirus cases.  The health experts of the US government also said that the cases are much higher than the official figures.

On Thursday, the senior administration officials commented on the latest figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They said that this data shows a huge number of people were asymptomatic when they contracted the disease.

The health experts claimed that the number of coronavirus cases is ten times more than the official figures released by the government. The estimated cases could be nearly 20m which is far greater than the official count.

The report comes after a surge in Covid-19 cases in nearly half of the US states. Earlier, the spike in cases recorded in 22 states which increased to 27 states within this week. The cases in Texas are also rapidly increasing which is a highly populated state of the US. The governor also announced to stop any further reopening of business in the state considering the current scenario.

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The officials said that the CDC used the serology testing of infected individuals to estimate the number of coronavirus cases. This test is based on the presence of antibodies in the infected person’s blood sample. The test indicates if the person contracted the disease or not. The experts at the CDC estimated that for every identified infection of coronavirus, there is a possibility of 10 more people were exposed to the virus.

The experts said that there is a huge number of positive serology tests due to the presence of antibodies. Currently, the cases in the US are around 2.4m and for every case, there are 10 more possible infections. Hence, the estimate is based on the number of serology test which is 10 positive tests for every infection of Covid-19.

One of the officials said that the total number of cases is 20m based on this estimate. If the estimate is accurate, the rate of coronavirus deaths in the US is much lower than the official count. Until now, 122,000 people in the US died of coronavirus infection since the beginning of the pandemic earlier this year.

According to the latest data, the coronavirus is more prevalent among the younger population and asymptomatic people. Most of the people do not show any symptoms of the infection and spread the virus without knowing about it.

The officials also suggested the younger population to get themselves tested for the coronavirus more frequently. The experts said that the younger people related to a vulnerable population can spread the coronavirus infection. In most of the cases, they are asymptomatic and spread the infection among other people.

An official also said that nearly half of the new coronavirus cases in Texas and Florida are younger people below 35 years of age. The alarming fact is that most of these people who are positive for the virus do not show any symptoms.

This new estimate calls for strict implementation of preventive guidelines. Also, it is important to maintain social distancing when most of the cases coming forward are asymptomatic. Hence, the number of coronavirus cases is much higher than the official count.


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