Indian Doctor Offering Cheapest Dialysis for COVID-19 Patients

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, numerous people lost their jobs during the lockdown. It took a hard toll on the global economy and everyday household life. In the meantime, a doctor in India is charging the least amount for kidney dialysis. He performs the cheap dialysis in India for as low as Rs 50 for all patients.

Most of the patients of kidney and heart diseases were unable to get treatment due to the ongoing crisis. Even some hospitals only treated coronavirus patients. Meanwhile, Fuad Halim who is a 49 years old medical doctor performs cheap dialysis in India for kidney patients in his small clinic. He owns a dialysis center in Kolkata under his own NGO, Kolkata Swasthya Sankalpa.

Halim runs his NGO with most of his friends and family. He has a team of three doctors and 4 technicians at his facility. The team successfully performed 2,190 dialysis procedures since the beginning of lockdown on March 25.

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At this time of the pandemic, most of the hospitals in India are turning away patients due to the fear of coronavirus. However, Halim treats all patients equally in his facility. It does not matter if they are coronavirus positive or negative. But he asks the symptomatic coronavirus patients to visit a government clinic for coronavirus treatment.

Halim said that his clinic does not discriminate among coronavirus positive and negative patients. The clinic staff follows all the protective guidelines to keep themselves and the patients safe. Numerous coronavirus patients also visited his facility but they did not turn them away. He also said that none of his staff contracted the coronavirus after treating several Covid-19 patients.

Halim and his family are financially stable due to which he performs dialysis at such a cheap rate. He can afford the procedure by himself and pays for the expenses of patients. He managed to keep the rate as low as Rs 50 during a global crisis.

The doctors at his dialysis facility work voluntarily to help the patients. However, the clinic pays the technicians. The clinic has nine dialysis apparatus which perform around 30 to 40 dialysis procedures per day. The clinic does not have a waiting area or air conditioning facility. It is a small clinic which cut the cost by limiting the use of other facilities.

Hamin said that he performs cheap dialysis in India as a part of his social responsibility. Most of his friends and family also supported his initiative and took part in the financial burden. The patients who visit this dialysis center are satisfied and thankful for their services.

During the time of a global pandemic, Halim took this small initiative which helped thousands of kidney patients. A lot of people can not afford luxuries or even basic medical facilities at this time. Since the economy is crumbling under the coronavirus pandemic, some people are deprived of basic necessities. At this time, the dialysis center of Halim is a savior for a lot of people who need these basic facilities.

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