40% Cases reported from Italy were Purely Asymptomatic Coronavirus Infections, Study Shows

The coronavirus infection spreads mainly through the respiratory droplets from the mouth. Some people are symptomatic while others have asymptomatic coronavirus infection. Recently, the WHO suggested that there are very rare data of cases due to asymptomatic spread of the virus. However, other studies show that it is a major factor contributing to the transmission of coronavirus.

Recent research shows the asymptomatic cases in a town in Italy. Numerous people developed the coronavirus infection without any signs of the disease. According to the research, nearly 40 percent of the town’s population have asymptomatic coronavirus infection. This indicates that a huge population contributes to the spread of infection without knowing about it.

The research was published in the journal Nature.

The researchers said that the coronavirus testing on a large scale is critical in containing the outbreak. Also, isolating the infected people plays a huge role in reducing the transmission of coronavirus among the community.

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The research was conducted in the town of Vo, Italy, with a small population of 3,200 individuals. The area reported the first coronavirus death in Italy at the end of February. The authorities implemented a strict lockdown on the area to limit the number of infections. The town shut down for about two weeks period. During this time, the researchers tested nearly 85 percent population of the town for coronavirus infection.

The findings of the study showed that 2.3 percent of the population carried the coronavirus infection at the beginning of lockdown. Later, the percentage of infected individuals reduced to 1.2 after the two weeks period. The study showed that nearly 40 percent of the Covid-19 positive individuals had asymptomatic coronavirus infection.

The researchers said that this study indicated that the mass testing of the Vo population led to the elimination of coronavirus from the area. Also, the isolation of infected individuals helped massively in containing the outbreak in the area.

Andrea Crisanti is a Microbiology professor at the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua. He also worked as a professor at the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London. He said that mass testing should carry out among people with symptomatic and asymptomatic coronavirus infections. This is an effective way to manage the situation and control the spread of infection.

The research team also found that the viral load in asymptomatic individuals is equal to those of people who show symptoms. This indicates that the people who do not show any symptoms can also spread the virus effectively among the population.

Enrico Lavezzo is from the University of Padua and a part of the team of researchers who conducted the study. He said that the asymptomatic coronavirus infection can also transmit the virus to other people.

He also said that people who do not show any symptoms can spread the infection without knowing about it. Moreover, these people do not change their lifestyle since they are asymptomatic. Hence, these people expose many people to the virus unknowingly since they do not show any signs of illness.

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