Coronavirus Adds up to the Anxiety in Women Having CF Children

The coronavirus outbreak severely affected the global population not only physically but also mentally. The virus-induced fear of infection in most of the world’s population as the death toll progressively increased. The coronavirus is particularly causing anxiety among mothers with children who are ill with cystic fibrosis.

A recent survey in Turkey reported that most of the mothers are scared of coronavirus in CF children. The anxiety among such mothers is higher as compared to those who have healthy children. However, the patients with CF did not show as many signs of anxiety due to the coronavirus.

The greatest levels of anxiety recorded in mothers with young patients of CF. Also, younger patients with chronic infections of the lungs face higher stress levels.

The study published in the journal Pediatric Pulmonology. The study reflects upon the anxiety levels due to coronavirus in CF children and the families of such patients.

The coronavirus is a severe infection of the lungs and it puts the cystic fibrosis patients at a higher risk of infection. The CF patients have weak lungs and respiratory infection can lead to death in these individuals.

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The coronavirus pandemic is also mentally challenging for a lot of people. An increase in mental health illnesses recorded over the past couple of months. With the peak of coronavirus in the world, most people feel vulnerable to the infection.

An increased rate of anxiety and depression among several individuals reported in various studies. This shows that this global pandemic does not only impact physical health. This virus also affects the emotional health of the people. However, the study shows that people with cystic fibrosis experience a higher level of stress and anxiety due to coronavirus.

The researchers said that the anxiety among the parents leads to negativity in the cystic fibrosis patients. This hinders the treatment of the patients and mentally affects them.

A team of researchers from the Gazi University Faculty of Medicine carried out a study on cystic fibrosis patients. The included 45 children living with cystic fibrosis and their mothers. As a control group, the researchers included ninety healthy individuals and mothers of the same age group.

The participants of the survey answered some questions about their anxiety and stress levels during the coronavirus pandemic. The mothers who participated in the survey were the sole caregivers of the CF children. Also, no one involved in the study suffered from the coronavirus infection.

The findings of the study show that healthy children of younger age groups showed more signs of stress and anxiety due to coronavirus. On the other hand, teenagers with cystic fibrosis showed fewer signs of anxiety related to the infection.

This shows that caregivers suffer from more anxiety due to coronavirus in CF children. It is unclear in this study why the CF patients have less anxiety due to the coronavirus infection. However, It might be since the CF patients constantly suffer from complications related to their illness and they get used to it.

The researchers also mentioned that cystic fibrosis is a complicated condition. It involves extensive treatment and very frequent visits to the hospital. The heightened anxiety among the caregivers is due to the risk of a life-threatening infection of coronavirus in CF children.


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