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Coronavirus in Australia Resurfaced After a Recent Outbreak

Recently an expected outbreak of coronavirus in Australia occurred in a vulnerable community. This shows that the virus can resurface after a while of slowing down.

Ring Mayar is the president of the South Sudanese Community Association from Victoria. He spends his days visiting people from home to home. Mr. Mayar asks them if they are experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus. He also encourages them to get themselves tested even if they do not have any symptoms of the infection.

Mr. Mayar is volunteering in the area of western Melbourne. The community mainly consists of immigrants from various countries. He goes around the communities asking the residents if anyone has a cough or a cold.

Victoria recently reported 77 cases which is the highest number of cases in the state since March. The immigrants in the communities and the working class are specifically vulnerable to the coronavirus.

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The coronavirus in Australia spread through a small mistake. The security guards of a quarantine center shared a lighter which caused the spread of the virus. The coronavirus further spread to the vulnerable communities in Melbourne. The people who need to get out of their homes to look for jobs have a higher risk of contracting the virus.

The sudden surge in the number or coronavirus cases shows an alarming condition. The virus can resurface and spread even more after the drop in cases. The coronavirus outbreak in Victoria led to halting the reopening process. The state is not reopening its borders for now due to the recent outbreak. The outbreak also forced around 300,000 people back inside their homes after the cases rose in the state.

The authorities announced that the residents in 10 most affected areas will be put into lockdown for a month. These efforts will help contain the coronavirus in the communities. The health officials also warned the public about the risks of an outbreak and asked the people to get themselves tested. Victoria is the 2nd most populated state of Australia and an uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak in this state will lead to a disaster.

The situation of coronavirus in Australia was quiet under control before the recent outbreak in Victoria. The officials expected complete reopening of the country by the end of this month. However, this sudden surge in the cases will pause these plans.

The immigrant communities are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. Since these people look for jobs and work, they have greater exposure to the outside environment. Also, there is a language barrier and they do not trust the authorities that much. This puts them at a greater risk to the coronavirus.

There are also reports of homelessness in these communities. Also, the overcrowding in such areas is a huge problem. It is fairly difficult to maintain social distancing in such areas.

The resurfacing of coronavirus in Australia is the perfect example of the virus coming back stronger after lifting the lockdown. The country was looking forward to returning to normalcy as soon as possible. But the recent outbreak will greatly affect the plans of the government.

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