Is Coronavirus Mutation Responsible for its Worldwide Spread?

The researchers around the world debated the nature of coronavirus since the pandemic started. Some experts believe that the widespread strain of coronavirus has a greater ability of transmission than other viruses. This is the reason that the coronavirus spread so quickly all over the world.

A shred of new evidence came forward after a team of experts reported the latest study about the virus. This led to even more debate over the nature of coronavirus variant around the world.

The latest report is published in the journal Cell. The investigators from the Los Alamos National Laboratory said that this specific variant of coronavirus has a greater capability of transmission. However, other experts have a different opinion.

The question about the variability of the virus arises when the coronavirus spread in some areas more than others. The outbreak was more severe in some countries while it was mild in other countries. Some experts argue that it can occur by chance and an uncontrolled outbreak in Europe might lead to it.

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The mutation in the widespread coronavirus variant is D614G which possibly led to the increased transmission of the virus.  The virology experts at Scripps Research in Florida said that the variants of the virus with this mutation have greater pathogenicity than those without it. However, there is no current evidence available which shows that it causes more severe infection in people.

A theoretical biologist, Bette Korber presented the evidence of enhanced coronavirus spread linked to this mutation in a lab setting. The new paper by the biologist also shows evidence from tests of coronavirus positive patients. It also includes a statistical analysis that shows how the specific variant of the coronavirus transmitted in different regions of the world.

The authors of the paper said that there is enough evidence that this variant has a greater ability to spread due to this mutation. The statistical analysis of the coronavirus pandemic supports this evidence that the D614G variant has a greater fitness advantage.

Dr. Korber said that there is enough evidence that the variant has a greater ability of transmission than others. Firstly, the variant is currently dominant all over the world. Secondly, the virus spread worldwide over a span of just a month. Hence, we need to consider this variant of the virus which spread in such a short time.

There are many studies that support the evidence of greater transmissibility of this variant. However, some studies also support the idea that this evidence is not enough. Some researchers found no particular role of this mutation in the coronavirus spread around the world.

The question remains an open debate since there is a conflict among the experts. The researchers are now looking forward to testing this variant on animals to confirm the role of this mutation in the greater coronavirus spread.

The dominant variants in many regions include this mutation which provides evidence in favor of this research. But some experts also debate that these findings do not define the transmissibility of the coronavirus.

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