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Tick-borne Infection that Looks Like COVID-19 Identified in the US

The coronavirus pandemic is still spreading over the world when another disease similar to Covid-19 reported in Michigan. The tick-borne infection, anaplasmosis shows symptoms similar to the coronavirus infection. Although there are few cases of anaplasmosis reported in Michigan, the health officials warn the residents of the rising annual cases of the disease.

In 2019, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported 12 cases of the tick-borne disease. The number of cases rises over the past years from only six cases of anaplasmosis reported in the year 2014.

The major symptoms of this rare disease are more or less the same as the coronavirus infection. The symptoms include fever with chills and fatigue, pain in the body, and head. Those who experience these symptoms need the assistance of a medical doctor.

The tick population significantly increased this year due to a mild season of winter and warmer weather conditions. It might become harder to escape a tick bite and the disease that follows it. The health officials of Michigan received cases from earlier in winter. The officials then advised the residents to take necessary measures to avoid any tick-borne infections.

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The tick bites can also cause Lyme disease which is a great worry for a lot of people. The disease causes headaches, skin rash, fever, and fatigue. Rarely, it also causes permanent damage to the nervous system and the heart. Sometimes it also leads to disability in joints due to severe damage caused by infection.

Dr. Paige Armstrong is the leader of the epidemiology team of the U.S. Public Health Service at the Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch. She said that we need to consider the main differences between anaplasmosis and coronavirus infection. The treatment of the patient should start as early as possible especially when there is no difference between the two infections detectable.

Dr. Armstrong also mentioned the fact that the coronavirus infection has a significant characteristic of loss of taste and smell. However, anaplasmosis does not involve any such symptoms of the disease. Even though it is rare but this tick-borne infection can also cause respiratory problems and infection of the lungs. This includes coughing and shortening of breath.

She advises paying a visit to a doctor immediately if the symptoms of the infection appear. Armstrong also mentioned informing the doctor about any tick bites.

Anaplasmosis is a disease caused by tick bites which are small insects. Ticks usually latch on the skin and suck blood like a parasite. They are present both on humans and their pets. Sometimes, the tick cannot be removed easily and the person requires tweezers to remove the insect.

It is not very easy to prevent a tick-borne infection but it is possible. There are several preventive measures a person has to adopt to prevent the disease. Ticks are usually found in their habitat which includes overgrown grass and weed and in woods. Other preventive measures include wearing suitable clothing when going on a hike or trail. This prevents the tick from entering the body. The experts recommend avoiding any habitat of the tick to escape a tick-borne infection.


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