Celebrity Dentist Reveals Her Hidden Tricks for Teeth Whitening

A world-renowned dentist recently gave her top tips on how to maintain sparkling white teeth. Dr. Madeleine Duff is from Toorak Fine Dentistry located in Melbourne. She said that you can get teeth whitening through various procedures. Some of them involve a dentist but you can also buy teeth whitening products online.

The question is what is exactly the right way to do teeth whitening and maintain their health for a beautiful smile.

Dr. Madeleine said that the best way to get whiter teeth is through a procedure by a dentist. She mentioned that the different products have varying effects on the teeth. The procedure performed by a dentist is easily distinguishable from the one you perform at home.

The products that are available in the market or online consist of very harsh chemicals that usually harm the teeth. Dr. Duff said that the professionally whitening of teeth involves strong chemicals that give long-lasting results. They usually consist of oxides that oxidize the yellowish staining on the teeth. Hence, the teeth appear whiter from inside out.

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There is another effective way of teeth whitening. It involves getting a mould for your teeth from the dentist. You can perform this procedure at home and fill those moulds with teeth whitening gel.

The right procedure to do teeth whitening through this method is over some time. It is preferable to leave the mould on the teeth every day for some time. However, some people just use it for a longer period which is useless. The reaction of the chemicals does not last longer than two hours. Hence, it is useless to leave the mould in the mouth any longer than that.

The final way to teeth whitening is through the whitening kits available online and in the market. These kits do not give professional results but these are useful for emergency purposes. Dr. Duff also mentioned that whitening toothpaste containing charcoal is not suitable for people with sensitive teeth. These can harm the enamel while removing the stains on the surface of the teeth.

Other tips from Dr. Duff for teeth whitening include minimal drinking of red wine. Also, the person should refrain from drinking tea and coffee directly. Perhaps they can use a straw for these drinks as they heavily stain the teeth. She also said that she uses a straw to drink red wine.

Dr. Duff said that a person should become precautious after a procedure of teeth whitening. The teeth tend to become porous after the procedure so they are extra sensitive. Also, a person should regularly visit their dentist to get a thorough cleaning of the teeth. Tartar can form a hard buildup on the surface of teeth which is difficult to remove by a regular toothbrush.

Dr. Peter Chuang is a dentist from the Australian Dental Association Oral Health Committee. He said that foods that consist of citric acid can lead to enamel erosion which severely harms the teeth. Also, pasta is bad for the teeth as it contains tomato sauce which has a higher acidic content.

The foods which can cause staining such as coffee and red wine and acidic foods can damage the teeth whitening. Hence, experts advise to either skip these foods or eat them in a safer way which is not damaging to the teeth.

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