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Most Cases of Coronavirus in the UK are Asymptomatic, ONS Report

The coronavirus pandemic moved the global economy and effected millions of lives around the world. The health experts are learning more about the virus and the infection it causes. The recently reported cases of coronavirus in UK show that most of the people carrying the infection are asymptomatic.

The news is particularly worrying for people who have an infection without knowing about it. These people can spread the coronavirus among their community. Mostly the health care staff including nurses show asymptomatic coronavirus infection.

The new statistics about the asymptomatic infection of coronavirus in UK came forward after the number of deaths due to all causes dropped significantly. The country recorded 59,000 deaths between March to June more than the average of the last five years.

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On Tuesday, the Government of the UK released the everyday figures of coronavirus deaths. The number of fatalities due to the coronavirus reached 44,391 after the addition of 155 coronavirus related deaths. On Monday, the officials reported 16 coronavirus deaths but the number of reported fatalities is usually lower during weekends.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) conducted a survey that consists of a small number of positive coronavirus infections by a swab test. It is a total of 120 infections which restricts the official from reaching any significant conclusion. However, the data suggest some strong facts.

The data from the survey shows that most of the people with underlying health conditions are more likely to get an infection. Also, the people who live with a social life crisis have a greater risk of coronavirus infection.

The serology test of a person is more likely to be positive if the person belongs to a minority ethnic background. However, white people are a lot less likely to get a positive antibody test. Another interesting evidence is that people coming from larger households are at a greater risk of coronavirus infection than those coming from a small household.

The Prime Minister also discussed the situation of coronavirus in UK on Monday. He talked about the asymptomatic spread of the infection. The people without any symptoms possibly spread the infection in care homes. He also said that a significant number of care homes avoided preventive guidelines. This sparked anger in most of the care home managers.

The business secretary of the Prime Minister, Alok Sharma later cleared his statement. He explained that the PM meant that no one in the early days of the pandemic knew about preventive methods. The public did not quite understand the concept of asymptomatic spread of infection when the coronavirus outbreak started.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned about the asymptomatic coronavirus infection. But at that time, the people did not assess the level of risk posed by this situation.

The findings of the study conducted by the ONS suggest that only 22 percent of the coronavirus positive cases showed symptoms on the day of the test. Also, 33 percent of the people showed symptoms on the day of their subsequent tests.

The larger number of Covid-19 positive people, 78 percent of the population did not show any symptoms on the day of the test. These people are the carriers of the asymptomatic infection of coronavirus in UK.

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