Contact Tracing for Coronavirus Patients in the US is Almost Impossible

The Americans hoped that the coronavirus pandemic will slow down during the summer and maybe they will return to a normal life. However, this does not seem possible for now since the number of cases is not dropping down. One of the experts suggested that the authorities can not do contact tracing for coronavirus any longer in the South. This is mainly due to the surge in the number of coronavirus cases.

Dr. Peter Hotez is the dean of tropical medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. He said that number of coronavirus cases in the US is increasing rapidly. Hence, it is extremely difficult to continue to contact tracing for coronavirus cases in different regions.

The official cases of coronavirus in the US reached 3 million. Also, the average number of cases reported over the last week was 50,000. This is the highest rise in the Covid-19 cases and twice as much as last month. This creates an alarming situation in the country with difficulty for health professionals to continue to contact tracing.

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently said that this surge in the number of cases is not another wave of the coronavirus. The number of cases never dropped in the US so it is just a surge recorded over the last week. He said that the US is still going through the first wave of the infection.

According to the data published by John Hopkins University, nearly 130,000 people lost their lives to the novel coronavirus infection in the US.

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Recently, Florida hit a new milestone in record number of coronavirus cases. The state government of Florida announced to reopen schools later in August. Florida among other 24 states saw a surge in coronavirus cases over the past couple of days. These states paused their policy of reopening for the time being due to the rapid increase of coronavirus cases.

Dr. Mark McClellan is an ex-commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. He is currently an advisor for the Texas government regarding coronavirus pandemic. He said that the state cannot proceed to reopen business if the coronavirus cases are still on the rise. The Texas Governor, Abbott also ordered the public of Texas to wear a face mask to control the spread of the virus.

McClellan also said that people need to strictly follow the preventive guidelines to keep the coronavirus transmission in check. They should ensure wearing a mask in public alongside avoiding overcrowding the bars across the state.

The rise in the cases in the US is not only a hurdle in contact tracing for coronavirus. But the hospital capacity is also reducing in the states with a higher number of coronavirus cases. This can lead to a collapse in the healthcare system of the US if the hospitals run out of their capacity.

The government is repeatedly advising the people to stick to the preventive guidelines to contain the spread of the virus. However, the number of cases is increasing in most of the states of the country.

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