Rate of Domestic Violence in Australia Spikes Amid Fires and Covid-19

Over the past months, Australia went through some calamities and disasters which significantly affected the lives of the residents. The health experts and the officials of the country warned about the spike in cases of domestic violence in Australia after the catastrophic situation in the country.

The huge Australian fires earlier this year caused 35 people in the country. Also, more than 2,000 houses destroyed in southeastern Australia. The fires during the late 2019 and early 2020 caused the unemployment of thousands of citizens of Australia. These people shifted to temporary homes and they are still stuck there due to the wave of coronavirus pandemic.

The fires and the coronavirus pandemic hit the Australian economy in the backbone leaving numerous people jobless. Lisa Gibbs is a public health researcher and leader of community resilience research at the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety at the University of Melbourne. She warned that the current situation of the people can lead to an increase in violence.

People are facing a shortage of income and living in an extraordinary time. This can lead to frustration among individuals. Most of the people do not have the emotional capacity to deal with a catastrophic situation like this.

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The cases of domestic violence in Australia also increased previously during the last deadly fires back in 2009. The family violence spiked during that time which hints at a rise in domestic violence during this time as well. The communities most heavily affected by the fires reported more cases of domestic violence.

A report published regarding the rate of cases of domestic violence in Australia after the catastrophic event. It shows that the areas with more damage due to the fires reported seven times more cases of domestic violence. However, the areas that were not as heavily affected by the fires reported fewer cases of violence on women.

Another research conducted by US researchers shows the increase in family violence after a catastrophic event such as hurricanes. After every disaster, the people usually become unemployed and the rate of domestic violence in the country increases. Hence, there is a strong connection between the decrease in income and an increase in family violence, according to these reports.

After the fires stopped in Australia, the coronavirus pandemic spread all over the world. The government implemented lockdown in most parts of the country forcing people to stay inside their homes. This is a threat to an increase in domestic violence in Australia as people are already under the stress of economic pressure.

According to the authorities, the rate of domestic violence after the coronavirus pandemic increased by 30 percent in some areas of Sydney. The US also reported a spike in the domestic violence cases after the coronavirus hit the country.

Natural disasters and catastrophes result in an increase in violence in most parts of the world. The people go through economic pressure and mental health problems during the time of a crisis. During such times, most of the people especially women are unable to come forward and report any of such incidents going on in their homes.

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