Will Coronavirus Pandemic Ever Stop in the US?

Recently, the US hit a milestone of 3 million coronavirus cases across the country. This is almost a quarter of the number of cases around the world. The coronavirus pandemic hit the US hard affecting millions of lives. The coronavirus entered the US earlier this year and the number of cases has not dropped ever since.

Most of the Americans have stopped caring about the coronavirus as it is becoming more of a routine thing. The situation is extremely worrisome as the coronavirus does not seem to stop any time soon in the country. The expected statistics suggest 4 million cases by the end of this month if the coronavirus keeps spreading at this pace.

The coronavirus pandemic originated from Wuhan, China. The total number of coronavirus cases in China reached 85,000 which does not seem like a lot in front of cases in the US. According to the reports, one person out of 110 individuals is coronavirus positive in the US. This is an alarming situation and the numbers will only increase if the country does not take any drastic measures.

Some of the states announced to halt the reopening process for now due to the hike in the number of cases. However, there are other states as Florida which insist on saving the economy during a global health crisis.

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Recently, President Donald Trump announced the reopening of schools in the fall despite the increase of cases in the country. One of the reasons could be that the death toll due to the virus is not increasing as much as the new cases. Currently, the number of coronavirus deaths in the US is 131,000 which did not spike much recently.

Even though the death toll slowed down over the past weeks, it has done enough damage to the population. The coronavirus has killed more than the total average annual deaths of people within half the time.

Carolyn Marvin is a Frances Yates Emeritus Professor of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She said that the increase in the Covid-19 death toll might be the only eye-opener for the people of America. Maybe this is the only way that people will change their hygiene practices and take this virus seriously.

Some reports also tell that the Americans are still not taking this virus seriously and think that it is some hoax. A recent example is a driver from Florida. He said that the coronavirus is nothing but a distraction that probably the government created. Later that man himself got the coronavirus infection.

Some experts also believe that the surge of coronavirus pandemic especially in the US is due to the mishandling of the situation by the government. The coronavirus hit other countries hard such as Italy and Spain. These countries overcame the pandemic by their strict policies and guidelines. One of the most impressive cases in New Zealand which eradicated the coronavirus out of the country.

The overall response of the US government throughout the pandemic is very casual. The President usually appears saying that the coronavirus will go away on its own. Such statements usually take away the seriousness of the situation. Also, millions of Americans are at constant risk of the coronavirus.

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