Does Nutrition Help Combat Coronavirus Infection?

The novel coronavirus is like a bug that causes flu-like symptoms due to infection. The easiest way to prevent this infection is by boosting immunity. The immune system helps the body fight against foreign viruses. It can be improved through taking nutritional diet and supplements that provide necessary vitamins and minerals to the body.

Dr. Chioma Emma-Nwachukwu is the manager of the Nestle Nutrition Institute. She stresses the importance of good health and nutrition to fight the coronavirus and other bugs. Recently, she worked with the Nigerians to provide them better nutrition and improve the functioning of their immune system.

Dr. Nwachukwu highlights the importance of a strong immune system as it constitutes major organs of the body. She also pointed out the fact that the coronavirus is killing hundreds and thousands of people globally. This worldwide pandemic is affecting millions of people and a good immune system is necessary for every household.

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The immune system is our shield against the external environment. This shield protects the human body every day against millions of bacteria and parasites. It is highly essential to provide the body with a good nutritional diet which is one of the ways to enhance the immune response.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also stresses the importance of good nutrition. Majority of people who follow a healthy diet and have a strong immune response stay safe from chronic illnesses. Also, they have a lower risk of infectious diseases as such the coronavirus infection.

Emma-Nwachukwu advises the public to eat a healthy balanced diet to improve their immunity. There should be a greater proportion of fresh food and the least amount of processed foods. Also, the diet must contain important vitamins, fibers, minerals, proteins, and other antioxidants.

People should also avoid foods with more percentage of fat and take light and fresh meals. Most importantly, legumes, fruits, and vegetables must constitute the major portion of the diet. These are the highly essential nutrition-rich foods that help boost up the immune system.

Water is also a highly essential part of everyday life. Plenty of water replenishes the nutrients in the body and prevents dehydration. It is also necessary for regulating the temperature of the body. Water also drives the toxins out of the body and transports minerals to the blood.

The doctors also advise people to eat at home as much as possible. Not only it reduces the risk of contracting the virus by going out to eat. But it also helps improve the nutritional level as home-cooked meals are better than eating out. It is difficult to maintain social distance at all times in crowded areas like bars and restaurants. Hence, it is better to avoid going out as much as possible.

Even though nutrition is an important factor in preventing the coronavirus infection. It is also essential to follow the preventive guidelines and maintain social distance at all times. The WHO advises the people to seek help from a psychiatrist in case of mental stress during the ongoing pandemic. It is important to take care of physical and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.


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