Cosmetic Surgery Demand is High Despite Being in the Middle of Coronavirus Pandemic for this Bizarre Reason

The coronavirus pandemic caused a huge loss to many businesses around the world. Meanwhile, the cosmetic surgery industry is flourishing especially during the pandemic. Now that the clinics and many businesses have opened, people can physically go and get their desired services. However, several plastic surgery clinics remained open even during the lockdown. These clinics followed more strict measures to prevent coronavirus infection.

Most of the plastic surgery clinics in Japan, the US, and Australia observed a rise in the number of patients during the Covid-19. The patients visit these clinics to get several procedures including botox, nose job, lip fillers, and facelift.

A cosmetic surgeon from Texas, Rod J Rohrich said that more patients visited his clinic than normal during the pandemic. He said that the clinic was open most days of the week and the patients came every single day.

Most people prefer getting procedures done to their faces during the pandemic as they are working from home. Usually, they need to go out with a bruised and swollen face after the plastic surgery. But since there is an ongoing pandemic, they can recover fully while staying at home.

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Rod said that most people stay at home after the treatment or wear a mask when they go outside. This way, no one knows if they had a procedure done to their face. Hence, they can live their life normally while feeling good about themselves.

South Korea is one of the countries where the coronavirus reached the earliest. It is famous for cosmetic surgery around the world. The government of South Korea did not implement a lockdown across the country to prevent coronavirus transmission. However, they set strict social distancing rules and advised the public to work from home as much as possible.

The cosmetic surgery clinics in South Korea saw a decline in the number of foreign patients during the pandemic. However, the number of local patients increased significantly. Some clinics even offered special discounts to local customers.

The clinics in Japan also saw a rise in patients during the lockdown. Japan did not implement an official lockdown in the country. But the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe implemented an emergency state in the country. Japan was in an emergency until 31 May and the government asked the public to stay home during that time.

Despite the state of emergency in Japan, the number of cosmetic surgery clients increased a lot. Due to the sudden surge, the Association of Aesthetic Medicine of Japan warned people about the hazards of plastic surgery. They also advised the people to not get cosmetic surgery during the pandemic to avoid transmission of coronavirus.

The plastic surgery clinics followed the preventive guidelines and did extra cleaning before any procedure. However, the risk of transmission is still there despite all the measures. But it was the perfect timing for surgery for many clients. As they can hide their bruised face under a mask, many people preferred going for it during a pandemic. This also allowed people to heal while staying at home and not worrying about going out with a bruised face.

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