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Immunity Against Coronavirus is Short-lived, Study Find

The latest study found that the natural immunity of the body against the coronavirus declines after a few months. The study has not published in a journal yet. The findings of the study show that the coronavirus antibodies begin to decline in the body after a month of the emergence of Covid-19 symptoms.

Antibodies are naturally produced proteins in the body that fight against a foreign infection. The human body produces antibodies against the coronavirus infection and they help fight the body against it. The scientist wrote in the paper that the binding response of IgM and IgG antibodies declines after 20 to30 days. Also, the antibody production of the body depends upon the severity of coronavirus symptoms.

The latest study involved samples from 65 coronavirus positive patients. The samples were collected at least 94 days of the emergence of coronavirus symptoms. The researchers also included 31 samples of health care staff who frequently had their antibody test in the previous months.

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the body starts producing coronavirus antibodies generally after 1 to 3 weeks of coronavirus infection. The World Health Organization also gave a warning about it at the beginning of the pandemic. The WHO said that an infected person does not necessarily become immune to the coronavirus in the future.

It is a relatively new study and does not essentially confirm these findings. More research with a larger group of participants is required to further confirm the claims in this study. The researchers mentioned in the paper that this study is important to consider during vaccine production against coronavirus.

Stephen Griffins is an associate professor at the University of Leeds School of Medicine in the UK. He said that the study is extremely important considering the future of coronavirus treatment.

Griffins said that this new study essentially shows that the immunity against coronavirus infection fades away too soon. Even more severe viral infections have immunity longer than that. He also said that humans can only gain seasonal immunity against the coronavirus disease. Since it lasts for only a few months, it can cause problems for more severe cases of coronavirus.

The vaccines against the coronavirus infection must have the ability to induce a long-lasting immune response in the body. Hence, it should be stronger than the natural immunity of the body against coronavirus.

This latest study gives more evidence that the natural immune response to the coronavirus infection is not very strong. Also, the coronavirus antibodies start declining over a few months. Previously, a study published in Nature medicine related to Covid-19 immunity. It showed that people with asymptomatic coronavirus infection have a weaker immunity against the infection.

Another study conducted by the government of Spain showed similar results. The study showed that only 5% of the Spanish population has coronavirus antibodies. Also, it showed that immunity declines within a few weeks of infection. Hence, it shows that the natural immune response against Covid-19 is transitory and comparatively weaker.

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