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Chinese Virologist Becomes the First Whistleblower of Beijing Coverup story on Coronavirus after Landing in the US

The Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan who works at the Hong Kong School of Public Health speaks up on coronavirus cover stories by China. She says that many of the coronavirus related deaths would have been avoided if the government allowed her to work on the virus. It makes her the first whistleblower of the Beijing coverup story on Coronavirus pandemic.

Li-Meng Yan landed in the US to share her concerns over the current situation which she thinks could have been avoided. Reportedly, the Chinese government is threatening everyone who speaks up on the pandemic issue which has now taken 576,432 lives to this day.

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Dr. Yan aims to expose the real face of the Chinese government. She claims that the government knew about the potential of this virus before it was declared a pandemic.

This is bigger than anything that is in the human history of pathogens and time management is very important for making any control strategy, as time management is the only way to control it, she says.

She also shared that she is fearful for her life because she is speaking on this issue on which the Chinese government doesn’t want anyone to speak up. To make her statement, she had to reach to the US so that the Chinese government can’t silence her voice. She is currently hiding at some unknown location.

In her interview with the national media, she said that she is here to reveal the truth about this coronavirus pandemic. To this date, the coronavirus had infected more than 13 million people in 210 countries of the world.

She says she had to reach to the US to explain all this because if she did the same while being in Hong Kong, she knew she was going to be kidnapped or murdered.

Dr. Yan was among those very few researchers who were asked by the Chinese government to conduct an investigation on this new virus that looks like SARS in December 2019, when this virus first emerged.

She reports that both the Chinese government, as well as the senior staff members of the University, concealed the evidence on transmission of this virus last December. At this point, this virus was nowhere in international media and only a few countable cases were reported from China, but the officials surely knew that this is something big.

The Chinese virologist says that the government didn’t allow international experts to come to China and investigate this virus. So there was nothing that was available to them. She eventually asked one of her friends to help and she got connected to someone from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), China. She says that she informed them about the new virus that has the potential of a pandemic along with other identified strains of the same family that were behind previous pandemics i.e. SARS, MERS. All of this indicated that this virus has a high rate of direct transmission.

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But after all this work, she was asked to keep quiet and be watchful of her surroundings. She says that her boss specifically asked her not to cross the line as it may bring her trouble or get her disappeared forever.

Dr. Yan believes that this timely information and consideration of coronavirus as a potential threat could have saved all those people who died because of this virus. It is because the relevant authorities refused to consider it as a threat including the experts from Hong Kong who had linked in Wuhan.

She has left the country and now hiding in the US because she is the whistleblower of the Beijing coverup story on this new pandemic.


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The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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