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Michigan House Party Led to Forty-three New Coronavirus Cases

The current pandemic is far from being over as new coronavirus cases emerge every day around the world. The center of the pandemic is currently the US where the cases crossed millions in the previous months.

Recently, the health officials reported 43 new cases of coronavirus in Michigan. The authorities found these cases linked to an event that occurred earlier in July. It was a huge house party in Washtenaw County which is the source of the spread of the virus.

The house party reportedly occurred between 2-3 July. Also, mostly younger people were infected aged from 15-25. The health officials of the Washtenaw County asked all the people who were at that event to self-isolate themselves. They also asked them to observe if they have any symptoms of the coronavirus infection for at least 14 days.

The Health Department of the Washtenaw County did a press release this Monday and reported about the new coronavirus cases. The officials also mentioned that 66 other people were in direct contact with an infected person at the party. These people are other than the family members of infected individuals.

The recent surges of Covid-19 in various parts of the country are mainly linked to house parties. Some deadly new coronavirus cases identified from parties in Alabama, Texas, Florida, California, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Missouri.

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The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards said that many recent coronavirus cases are due to gatherings at people’s houses. Hence, he called for a restriction that does not allow more than 50 people together at a time.

The health officials pointed out the recent outbreak shows the rapid spread of the coronavirus infection. Jimena Loveluck is a health officer at the Washtenaw County Health Department. She said that this shows the virus can spread very rapidly among people. It can also spread over a brief contact with an infected person. She said that the health department needs community support to contain the outbreak. Also, the public needs to follow the guidelines so that they reduce the number of hospitalizations and new coronavirus cases.

The press release also mentioned that the recent outbreak from the party also impacted people all over Michigan. According to the release, the party outbreak caused exposure to different other places. These include restaurants, shops, camping sites, clubs, and also a retirement community.

Loveluck also said that the community needs to be more responsible regarding the pandemic situation. The younger people should particularly follow the preventive guidelines. They should also try to avoid crowded places. Also, they should ensure wearing a mask when going outside. They also need to work with the help department to help them with contact tracing and further investigation of cases.

The mayor of the city of Saline, Brian Marl said that our people do not want to infect other people and make someone seriously sick. He also said that people know that they need to cooperate with the health department. Brian said that people will do everything to help contain the outbreak.

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