What is the Future of Coronavirus in Winter?

The British scientists have predicted the future of coronavirus in winter considering the current scenario of coronavirus cases in the UK. They were asked to map out the worst possibility of the coronavirus cases during winter. However, the results reveal that the coronavirus related fatalities will range from 24,500 to 251,000 from January to February. Not to be ignored, this prediction is only for hospital deaths.

Officially, the number of deaths due to coronavirus in the UK reached 44,830. Recently, the death rate slowed down with only 1,100 deaths in July. The estimate made by the scientist is true in the scenario if there is no vaccine in the market until then. But they said that the risk can become less if the government takes strict action against it.

Sir Patrick Vallance, who is the UK’s chief scientific adviser said that they are not completely sure about the future of coronavirus in the UK. However, research shows that the coronavirus in winter will become stronger. Also, people are more likely to get an infection when they are indoors.

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The experts also pointed out that the NHS will be filled during winter. With the seasonal flu spreading in cold and regular patients, they will also deal with the surge in Covid-19 cases. The health system is already suffering at the hands of coronavirus pandemic. The scientist believes that it will only get worse until the end of this year.

Prof Stephen Holgate is a respiratory specialist at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust. He is the one who chaired this report. He said that this report is not only a prediction but it can also become a possibility. The model constructed by scientists shows that the second wave of coronavirus will come in winter. Also, it will cause even more infection cases and fatalities.

Even though the possibility is much high, the risk can become lesser. The authorities need to take immediate action to lessen the risk. Prof Stephen also said that the number of cases is decreasing significantly at the moment. This is the right time to control this pandemic to prevent further loss in winter.

There is another possible scenario where the deaths due to coronavirus in winter will only range in thousands. The scientists mentioned in the report that it is highly uncertain and the reality can be something less pessimistic.

The report also mentions that it does not say what will happen in winter but it is only a prediction. The researchers presented a model of a highly likely scenario. But it is also possible that the turn of events is not the same in reality. Hence, it can lead to a lot fewer deaths in winter in contradiction to the model.

Recently the coronavirus cases dropped in the UK. This is a good moment for the country to decide its plan on how to counter the virus in the future. The authorities need to map out a strong plan that will work out to prevent the huge loss of lives in the future. The virus is still present in the country and there is no vaccine yet available in the market. Although it is a challenge to keep the cases low, the number can remain less if people follow the proper guidelines.

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