1.1 Million People in the UK Become Non-smokers During the On-going Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak spread all over the world and caused many people to fear for their lives. Some interesting studies also came forward during the pandemic. A recent analysis shows that nearly one million people in the UK quit smoking during the global pandemic.

The health experts from University College London created a poll to see the prevalence of smoking among the Britons. They joined hands with Action on Smoking, a charity to collect the data. They carried out the survey from April to June.

The findings of the survey showed that 1.1 million Britons gave up smoking during the crisis. Not only this but another 440,000 smokers were on their way to quitting smoking.

Hazel Cheeseman is the director of policy at Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). She said the use of tobacco significantly reduced during the coronavirus pandemic. Although they do not know the reason behind this decline, the possible reason is Covid-19. This pandemic pushed many people to improve their health and work on their immunity.

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The coronavirus particularly targets the lungs of a person. Hence, it is clear that many people decided to take care of their lungs at such time. The virus inflicted a lot of fear among people. This particularly led a lot of smokers to give up tobacco smoking.

The recent analysis also shows that the older people were half less likely to stop smoking. According to the data, 17% of people aged between 16 and 29 quit smoking. However, only 7% of the people above 50 were able to give up this habit.

The experts found this data quite surprising. They said the younger generation usually smokes when they are in a gathering or with their friends. The coronavirus locked up people inside their homes for a long time. Therefore, the smoking habit among younger people declined.

The government implemented a countrywide lockdown back in March. The bars and pubs also shut down during that time. Most of the young people aged under 30 go to these places to have a smoke. But since these locations were closed, many people gave up the habit of smoking. Also, most young people smoke without telling their parents so it is also a factor contributing to this drop in smokers.

The survey included 10,251 individuals who answered about their smoking habits. The poll collected data during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak. Smoking regularly increases the risk of heart disease and problems in the lungs. It also contributes to the hardening of arteries. These problems also occur during the coronavirus infection.

The data collected from the hospitals also shows that smokers have a greater risk of getting Covid-19. However, some latest research also indicates that smokers have a lesser chance of contracting the infection. Some researchers say that it could be due to the presence of nicotine in the body which possibly inhibits infection. Others also say that nicotine has a role in controlling the immune response.

The experts said that even though there are more people who continued smoking, this is still some progress.Hence, this is the right time for people who want to quit smoking and start living a healthier life.

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