US Prisons Reported Five Folds of COVID-19 Cases Than Public Stats

The health experts feared the spread of coronavirus infection in prisons where people live very close to each other. Many countries released many people from the jails to reduce the population inside them. However, the latest data shows that the rate of Covid-19 in prisons is much higher than the general public of the US.

The coronavirus can spread far more easily in a prison than an open area. Generally, these places are overcrowded and people share the facilities inside them. Hence, it is almost impossible to prevent a contagious disease inside a prison.

Previously, reports showed a greater prevalence of viral infections in prisons. Experts saw that viral diseases like HIV spread at a higher rate. The people living in prisons are also more likely to contract airborne viral infections such as influenza.

Mostly the prisons do not provide any personal protective equipment to the inmates. They also live close to each other. The prisoners also have a higher rate of lung and heart diseases. These are the main risk factors that can lead to a severe outbreak of Covid-19 in prisons.

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The rate of coronavirus in prisons is increasing rapidly. The highest surge reported in California where the prisons have the largest number of infections. Therefore, the authorities in California decided to release 8,000 prisoners. The experts believe that this will help slow down the coronavirus spread.

This recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). It highlights the importance of controlling the viral infection in prisons. According to the analysis, the coronavirus deaths in prison are much higher than the rest of the population.

The researchers collected the data of cases of Covid-19 in prisons from March 31 to June 6. They collected the data from press releases and other news websites. Then, they compared it with the data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The researchers estimated the coronavirus deaths and cases in prisons during the peak of the pandemic.

The analysis showed that the coronavirus spread more easily inside a prison due to the confinement of the area. At first, the cases in the prisons were less than the general public. However, the cases increased rapidly after some time at a higher rate. The daily rate of spread of Covid-19 in the rest of the public was 3.4%. But the growth rate in prison was 8.3% during that period.

This data shows that the coronavirus cases in the prisons of the US are five times higher than the general public. This is an alarming situation for the authorities of the US. The data also revealed that the coronavirus deaths in prisons are also three times higher than the national cases. This situation can lead to a disaster if gone uncontrolled for more time.

The researchers also said that this data is probably less than the actual cases of Covid-19 in prisons. The authorities only tested the inmates who showed symptoms of the coronavirus infection. However, some prisons did not test any of their inmates. Hence, the cases are most likely higher than the given data.

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