Heatwave in the US: Another Health is Waiting to Hit This Summer

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the view of summer completely. Previously, people used to visit parks and beaches during the hot season. But after the pandemic, most of the parks have painted white circles. This is to keep people stay six feet apart from each other.

Summer in Canada usually means going out and having fun in the sun. Although the threat of coronavirus is still present, another major threat this summer is the heatwave.The coronavirus cases in the US are increasing and so is the heat during summer. The temperature in the US has been record-breaking during July.

The heatwave in the US and Canada is intense this summer. People usually wait eagerly for summer to arrive after a gloomy and cold winter. Even though most of the people enjoy basking in the sun, heat is also dangerous for human health. The temperature also fluctuates during the day and it is way hotter than usual.

This hotter weather can cause several health problems for humans. Exposure to heat for a long time can cause dehydration. It can also cause heat stroke which is a fatal condition. The heatwave is a great threat particularly for people who already have heart and lung diseases.

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Other weather disasters cause major loss of human lives. These include hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. However, the deaths caused due to heatwaves are difficult to estimate since it is not as obvious.

According to an estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the heatwave in the US on average causes 658 fatalities each year. But this is not an accurate estimate. The CDC only reports those deaths that include heatwave as the death cause.

The experts believe that the deaths due to heatwaves in the US are much more than this estimate. A lot of people probably die of a heatwave with an underlying health condition. Hence, they do not have it listed as their cause of death.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many people speculated that the coronavirus will die down with heat. However, some studies debunked this hypothesis and showed that the weather does not affect the virus. The main factors that stop the spread of coronavirus are social distancing and other preventive measures.

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The government is reopening most of the businesses and it is essential to follow the guidelines. But the education about a heatwave is also necessary. There are several ways to reduce the harmful effects of a heatwave during this season.

One of the most important ways to fight the heat is by staying hydrated. Intake of an adequate amount of fluids is extremely necessary. Be it in the form of plain water or some added fruits to increase the benefits. Also, it is important to replenish the body with salts and electrolytes that we lose from sweating.

Another important thing is to keep a check on older relatives and friends. Especially those who have heart problems need special care during this season. Also, try to keep your living space as cool as possible to limit the effects of heat. It is also important to stay inside as much as possible. It will not only reduce the risk of coronavirus infection but also save you from the heatwave.

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