Mosquito-borne Infections Are On the Rise During Covid-19 Pandemic

Mosquitoes are known to carry deadly viruses and cause numerous infections in humans. Unfortunately, it the mosquito season in the US but the health department is busy dealing with the coronavirus patients. If the situation goes uncontrolled any longer, it might lead to another health crisis in the middle of another.

Normally during this time of the year, the health departments set out different traps to control the mosquito population. But since we are in the middle of a pandemic, the mosquito population is growing uncontrolled. The labs which are usually working to test blood samples for mosquito-borne infections are now testing samples for coronavirus.

Most of the areas in the US are having trouble dealing with this issue. The health department of the Washtenaw County, Michigan hires interns during the summer to deal with this problem. This year, the department was unable to gather any staff due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Currently, Houston is fighting Covid-19 with full force as the cases are on the rise. The staff for controlling the mosquitoes is now preparing testing kits for coronavirus patients.

It is the responsibility of the public health sector to control the mosquitoes to prevent an outbreak of deadly diseases. According to an estimate, mosquito-borne diseases cause 200 fatalities in the US each year. The deaths are low each year since the health department monitors and kill the mosquitoes at the beginning of the season.

Ary Faraji is the president of a non-profit organization, the American Mosquito Control Association. This organization helps other agencies that control the mosquitoes. She said that mosquitoes are great trouble for humans. Mosquitoes alone are the reason for most deaths in the world. Hence, it is extremely essential to control them.

Most of the local health departments in the US combat these pests each year. In California, Florida, and some other states, an entire department works to prevent the spread of mosquitoes. They work and set traps to find the mosquito population. In this way, they track them and eliminate them before they start infecting humans.

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The infections due to mosquito bites are increasing as we approach the hotter season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took notice of the ongoing situation. It is carrying out mosquito testing in nine different states of the US. Also, the CDC is testing blood samples of humans for mosquito-borne infections in the other 40 states.

The CDC is working to control the situation of mosquitoes in the US. Recently, the CDC released its policy which shows the importance of preventing the growth of mosquitoes. Also, it highlights the importance of the use of insecticides even during a pandemic.

The number of cases related to mosquito bites is relatively low until now. This is mainly due to the lack of testing during this time. However, this is leading to an alarming situation. In the Florida Keys, 14 people were diagnosed with dengue which causes vomiting, body ache, and fever.

There are other mosquito-borne infections reported in different states of the US. This shows the situation will worsen if overlooked any longer. Hence, it is important to prevent the spread of mosquitoes as much as possible, especially during an ongoing national crisis.

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