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Protests Against the New Face Mask Rules in the UK at Rise

More and more people are opposing to the new face mask rules in the UK that are to be enforced on July 24th. hundreds of people gathered at London’s famous Hyde Park and protested against the new governmental face mask-wearing rule whole shopping.

The public demands government to waive off the mandatory face-covering rule for shoppers all across England.

These people were wearing costumes and holding placards opposing using the face mask. Some of them were also spotted wearing shirts that give a message to stop using 5g and vaccinations as they violate human rights.

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This protest was named ‘Keep Britain Free march’, and organized by Leah Butler-Smith. In an interview, Leah said that people are extremely unhappy about being ‘forced’ to wear a mask under these new face mask rules in the UK.

On one side the British government is saying that the situation is under control, there are reduced new cases, suggesting there might be no need for coronavirus fearing but on the other side they are making it mandatory. It is confusing people and they believe that these governmental policies make no sense at all.

Leah also said that if the government is interested in protecting citizens and encouraging them to follow the cautions, they should not scare people with these mandatory regulations.

Many of these protestors believe that this mandatory face covering is against human rights in addition to forcing them to be at home, avoiding the public. They are of an opinion that the use of face mask is a choice and everyone is free to choose or not to choose it. And these Governmental policies are affecting the national economy, education, health and now violating the public choices.

Under the new face mask rules in the UK, everyone out in public should be covering his face with a mask. Or else, the police will take action and fine them which may stand up to £100.

The police chiefs share that imposing these new rules is much more difficult than it looks. On the other side, medical experts warn that coronavirus pandemic is nowhere to end, and using the mask should be a part of the normal routine now however, the public doesn’t seem to accept it.

They also predict that this face masking is necessary unless there is a vaccine available against the deadly coronavirus which may be available till mid of 2021. Till then, the face mask is indeed necessary to take the cases under control.

It may be difficult for the shoppers to wear a mask but avoiding it would bring much higher risks to their health. They can lose their life if ignored this face covering, experts believe.

The British Government says that there is no timeline for this new face mask rule in the UK. There is no way of backing it unless there is a vaccine available. So these new regulations are not here for some days, weeks, or even months, in fact, there is no way to tell when would it end.

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Experts warn that the face mask is necessary not just in the UK but all parts of the virus unless the coronavirus is completely eradicated either through a medicine or a vaccine.

This new face mask rule adds the UK into the list of 120 countries which have made it compulsory to wear a mask in public. The other countries following this rule include Spain, Germany, and Scotland.

This new rule isn’t enforced in Wales shops because coronavirus cases in Wales are relatively lowest as compared to the rest. However, it will be compulsory for people using public transport in Wales under the new rules that are to be imposed on July 27th.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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