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Kanye West Presidential Rally Breakdown, Fans Worried for His Mental Health

Kanye West recently announced to run as a candidate for the presidency in the US. He started his presidential campaign at a recent event in Charleston, South Carolina. At the Kanye West presidential rally, the rapper gave some controversial remarks against Harriet Tubman which sparked anger in the opposition. Later he broke down while discussing abortion at the campaign rally.

Kanye said that he and Kim considered aborting their daughter which nearly killed the child. Then he became teary-eyed while talking about his parents. He told the crowd that his father wanted to terminate the pregnancy of his mother. However, his mother saved his life and protected him. He said that his dad was always too busy and he might not be here if it wasn’t for his mother.

Kanye talked about Kim’s pregnancy and said that they discussed to get it terminated for months. However, later they decided to have the child after he reflected upon it. He also said that Kim gave life to his daughter North even when he did not want her to. Kanye said that Kim protected their baby and stood up for North.

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West got emotional during the speech and cried while talking to the crowd about abortion. He also talked against contraceptives. Kanye said that there should not be another option available in case of a pregnancy. He also said that the government should aid the mothers so they can nurture their babies.

He mentioned at the Kanye West presidential rally that women should receive $50,000 every year so they can provide for their children. West also said that no one regrets having a baby after they have the child. He mentioned that he is not in favor of making it illegal. However, he wants to give an alternative option to them so they don’t have to give up their child.

He also commented on splitting the black vote and said that this is not what he is here for. Kanye said during his speech that he does not care if he becomes the next president or not. He said that it is all part of God’s plan and no one can do anything for the freedom of people.

West appeared in front of the people wearing a vest for his protection at the Kanye West presidential rally. Hundreds of people joined his rally that was on a live stream on the internet.

After his speech, many people showed their concern for the rapper. West previously talked about suffering from mental health issues. Many social media users said that his breakdown was disturbing for them and he probably needs some help with his mental health.

Kanye admitted to a hospital back in 2016 after an altercation that occurred between him and another person. Many fans speculated that he had one of his episodes during this speech. Some people also showed their concern saying that he needs the support of his friends and family. Many people talked in his favor on Twitter after his speech. They said that he is possibly suffering from a mental health problem so he can not always say the right things.

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