Use of Face Masks is as Important as Wearing a Helmet or a Condom

A face mask is an essential need of the hour due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The use of face masks became necessary after the outbreak started previously this year. It mainly became important to keep one safe from the potential coronavirus infection.

There are two types of coronavirus infection carriers. One who is symptomatic and the other who are asymptomatic. Wearing a face mask is essential for both to limit the spread of coronavirus. The main use of face masks is to prevent the spread of infection from the carrier. However, it can also protect against the virus to some degree.

Dr. Benjamin Hoffman is the medical director of the Tom Sargent Safety Center at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital located in Oregon. He emphasized the importance of a face mask just like any other protective equipment. Dr. Hoffman said that the people who are still not wearing a mask should consider it.

Wearing a face mask is equally as essential as wearing a seat belt, a helmet, or even a condom. People get to use these protective measures once they know the importance of it. Hence, it is important to make them realize the importance and use of face mask.

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The use of a preventive measure be it a helmet or a condom involves some degree of discomfort for the use. However, it protects in the long run. A person needs to wear a seat belt every time they drive a car. Even though they do not expect to get into an accident, it is an essential measure to keep one safe. Similarly, a face mask is important to ensure safety against a potential coronavirus infection.

Michelle Ybarra is the president and also the research director of the Center for Innovative Public Health Research. She said that the campaigns helped the teenagers realize the importance of using condoms. A person can not determine if their partner has an STD by just looking at them. It is also not good enough to ask people if they are carriers of infection. Some people do not develop the symptoms and carry a deadly viral infection.

The same is with the coronavirus infection. Many people carry the virus but they do not develop any symptoms. Hence, they do not know if they carry the infection or not.  Such people might go on with their regular life and infect others without realizing it.

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It is essential to normalize the use of face masks like other preventive measures. It should also be easily accessible to promote its usage. People also need some education and convincing over the matter. Hence, campaigns can help increase the use of face masks among people.

People need to see a positive image regarding the use of face masks. It should be promoted like the use of a helmet or a condom. Many people still do not see it as a necessity and choose to avoid it even when going out.

The end of the coronavirus pandemic is not known to the scientists yet. The world has no idea when the coronavirus spread will stop. Hence, it is necessary to normalize the use of face mask to at least minimize the spread of coronavirus infection.

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