Coming Out of a Pandemic Krispy Kreme Introduces a Reward Program That gives Free Doughnuts

This year didn’t make a good start as the flu-like virus emerged from China and spread to the whole world, infecting millions of people. To this date, there is no news on when would this coronavirus pandemic end but many countries are able to take a hold on new cases. After months of lockdown, it looks like the life is returning back to normal, Krispy Kreme UK is giving away free doughnuts under its reward scheme which is treated for the stressed and home-ridden people craving for doughnuts.

All customers who would sign up to the Krispy Kreme Rewards Program will be entitled to claim a glazed donut for free. this glazed donut typically costs £1.10 but signing up to the reward system gives it as a gift.

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Everyone can sign up on this new reward program through Krispy Kreme’s official website. Or people can also sign up through Google play, just download the Krispy Kreme app and sign up with the full name and the email address.

Once a new person signs up, he gets an immediate option to claim a glazed donut for free under the reward’s options. You can either receive it from any Krispy Kreme’s original counter around you or through the Tesco near to your location. After making this decision, you save these settings and the company will email a free gift coupon on the registered email address.

Every user has to print this code to redeem the free donut from Krispy Kreme. Showing it on the phone would not be counted. This free donut tastes as good as regular orders.

Before this scheme, Krispy Kreme also offered a free doughnut award for everyone who downloads the Krispy Kreme app or subscribes to the company’s newsletter.

This brand is trying its best to take people out of pandemic related stress. Earlier, it offered free doughnuts for people who had their birthdays during this coronavirus lockdown period. Additionally, they awarded giveaways on the National Doughnut Day.

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This new reward plan has replaced the old loyalty program named  Friends of Krispy Kreme. All those who were a member of this old club are automatically added to the new loyalty program without requiring to sign up again. Their points are also being added to their new accounts. However, they cant claim for a free doughnut because this offer is only applicable for new members.

The rewards are collected as “smiles” with every order from Krispy Kreme. Later on, they can be used to get free doughnuts.


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