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PanSeer: A New Blood Test for Cancer can Identify a Growing Tumor 4 Years Before Symptoms Actually Appear

The new cases of cancer are rising every year in the world with different complications. Meanwhile, the scientists presented a new blood test for cancer that can detect 5 different types of cancer. The specialty of the test is that it can detect the disease 4 years before the person shows any symptoms.

This new blood test for cancer is called PanSeer. The study behind this test published in Nature Communications.

The blood test is technically a liquid biopsy. It analyses the DNA particles present in the blood from different parts of the body. The parts of DNA enter the blood from different regions of GIT, liver, and lungs.

The mechanism of the test is not based on the diagnosis of cancer. However, it detects the tumors present in the body before they cause disease. The researchers said that this test is not able to predict if a person will get cancer in the future or not.

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The technique, liquid biopsy is meant to detect cancer early. Also, it can easily detect cancer which grows slowly. This is a revolutionary method of diagnosis and an excellent alternative to the regular biopsy.

To detect cancer in a patient, the doctors take out the target organ from the body. They inspect the organ for the signs of cancer. However, liquid biopsy is a far more convenient method and does not require any surgery.

The scientists are now focusing on a liquid biopsy method to change the traditional method of detection. However, only some are successful in hitting the mark and developing an early diagnostic test. The test needs more research to confirm its authenticity. The experts suggest increasing the trials many folds to confirm this study.

Professor Kun Zhang who is involved in this research is from the University of California, San Diego. He said that the purpose of this test it to make cancer diagnosis easier. They want to make it a part of the routine check-up of the patients. Hence, they are focusing on the ease and accessibility of this new blood test for cancer.

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The current target of the researchers is to detect people who are at higher risk of cancer. They want to test those people who have some family history of cancer. Also, people of older age and having other risk factors of cancer will be tested earlier.

The tumors release a modified version of the DNA into the blood. The unique indication of the DNA in the presence of a methyl group. The test can detect cancer based on a minor amount of modified DNA present in the blood.

The findings of the study show that PanSeer detected the disease in 95% of the individuals. These people did not show any symptoms of cancer at the time of the test. However, they later developed cancer which shows the authenticity of the test.

Many researchers around the world are now working on a liquid biopsy method. It provides an ease to the patient and it is a quick method. However, the scientists claimed that their study is different from the others. The researchers obtained samples of those people who had no symptoms of cancer. Hence, their test was able to detect cancer in those who did not yet show any signs of the disease.

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