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Is Baldness in Men a Natural Risk Factor for Coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic shook the world completely while affecting millions of families. The virus has been here for months and no one knows when it will go away. The researchers are coming up with discoveries about the virus every other day. Recently, the researchers claimed that baldness is also a risk factor of coronavirus.

A recent study showed that men with complete hair loss have a 40% higher risk of severe coronavirus infection. The researchers analyzed 2,000 individuals in hospitals in the UK. The findings showed that hair loss is a risk factor of coronavirus infection.

The research published recently in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The study mainly involved men already admitted to the hospital due to Covid-19. Hence, it indicates that it is linked to a severe infection of coronavirus. There are numerous bizarre risk factors of coronavirus infection. Some include age, diabetes, and even the ethnicity of a person.

The experts presented a theory related to the link between Covid-19 and baldness. The male hormone allows the virus to infect the cells of the human body. The hormone is also related to baldness in men. However, there is no strong evidence present so far that can support this theory.

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Even the research shows some link between the two, experts suggest that the research is not entirely accurate. Many other risk factors contribute to a higher death rate in bald men. This research does not include the factor of ethnicity. Previous researches show that ethnicity also has a link to a deadly infection of coronavirus.

The researchers from West Virginia University studied the connection between coronavirus and hair loss in men. They also considered other risk factors of coronavirus in this study. These include health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Some experts also think that the link with baldness is due to an older age. Most of the bald men are older in the age which is also a risk factor. Hence, we can not entirely conclude that baldness has a link with severe coronavirus infection.

Since the start of the pandemic, the data showed that males are a bigger target of coronavirus infection. The percentage of men admitted to the hospital due to Covid-19 is greater than women. Public Health England also released a report previously in June which gave similar statements. According to the report, men of working age are at twice as a higher risk of coronavirus infection than women.

This recent study suggests that baldness has a link to a higher death rate in men. However, other risk factors contribute to a higher mortality rate. These include higher chances of smoking in men. This leads to various types of diseases and cancer which increases the chance of death.

Another important factor that causes a higher death rate in men is their immune response. Genetic studies show that men naturally have a weaker immune response as compared to women. Hence, they are more likely to contract a viral infection as compared to women. So it is not very clear if baldness is solely a factor of a severe infection of Covid-19.

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