Is it Safe to Live at a Hotel in This COVID-19 Pandemic?

The coronavirus lockdown eased in most parts of the world over the past few weeks. This means that people can finally travel after a long quarantine. Also, the summer is here which means many people will hit the road or travel by air. Meanwhile, an important question arises: What about hotel safety during Covid-19?

The hotels in the US are ensuring a clean and sanitary environment through different hotel safety programs. The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) is the main trade group of the hotel industry in the US. They recently released their requirements to ensure the safety of guests in the hotels.

Chip Rogers is the president and also the CEO of AHLA. He issued a statement saying that hotels need to ensure the best safety programs for their guests and hotel employees. People should cover their face not only outside but indoors as well. Also, social distancing is an important part of the safety program.

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He said that mainly state governors made face masks compulsory in indoor public areas. He also said that this rule should be implemented on a national level and all states should follow this rule.

What should a guest do to ensure hotel safety during the stay? Here are some important steps:

  • The traveler or the guest should wear a protective face mask in public spaces both indoors and outdoors.
  • They should follow social distancing at all times.
  • The payments and reservations must not include any contact with another person, if possible.
  • Get the room cleaned every single day during the stay at the hotel. However, you can skip this if it is not necessary.

The most important thing is to avoid traveling as much as possible during the pandemic. A person who had coronavirus infection in the past or is currently suffering from it should not travel at any cost.

The health experts also suggest wearing a mask at all times when in a public gathering. Some places also give away masks for free as a part of their hotel safety during Covid-19. However, it is essential to wear a mask to avoid contracting the virus.

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Another thing to always keep in mind is to avoid eating in a public buffet area. While you’re staying in a hotel, always take your food to the room instead of eating it in the common area. Also, remember to sanitize the surfaces in the room which have high contact. These include doorknobs, handles, remote, and the telephone.

Some places sanitize the surfaces before the guests arrive. But it is important to stay extra cautious about hotel safety during Covid-19. However, most hotels clean and seal the common use items before presenting a room to a guest. The glassware in your room is usually already sanitized before you stay in the room.

Even though most of the states lifted their restrictions, the coronavirus is still here. It is important to keep the virus in mind during your travel and stay at any place. This is the only way to ensure hotel safety during Covid-19.

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