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British PM Calls Anti-vaxxers groups as “Nuts” While Explaining Plans to Expands Winter Flu Jab Program

The government of the UK is hopeful that they will soon have the coronavirus vaccine. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson also announced to expand the vaccination program this winter. According to the program, double the number of people will get the winter flu jab later this year. Meanwhile, the PM called the anti-vaxxers “nuts” for not getting the vaccine.

The UK is still struggling with coronavirus cases around the country. Meanwhile, Johnson believes that the UK will be coronavirus free by the summer next year. He talked about the struggle with Covid-19 during his speech of completion of the first year as the PM of the UK. He said that the country must know that we still have to go through some tough time before the pandemic is over.

Mr. Johnson said that the country struggled during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the UK will make a comeback and prove itself even stronger after that.

The coronavirus caused nearly 40,000 fatalities in the UK over the past months. Mr. Johnson said another event that the UK could tackle the virus differently. The world was unfamiliar to the novel coronavirus at the beginning. The same was for the UK government. The did not know about handling a pandemic during the first few weeks. The PM also admitted that they could make different decisions during that time.

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The health experts did not have a complete understanding of Covid-19 during the first weeks. The main discovery about the outbreak was the asymptomatic spread of coronavirus. Most of the cases emerged due to the spread of the virus from people who showed no symptoms.

Mr. Johnson is also hopeful that the country will progress towards normality soon. He said that the restrictions might become lesser by Christmas this year. Previously, he also mentioned that the UK is successful in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the rules of social distancing will remain the same until the coronavirus becomes completely under control.

The PM also mentioned that the government is trying to ease the restrictions with time. However, he will not predict when they can stop social distancing. The authorities have allowed people to come out of their homes. But they need to follow the preventive guidelines to bring down the number of cases.

The government of the UK recently announced to double the number of the winter flu jab. Also, people above 50 years old and 11 years old children will get free vaccination. The PM also said that everyone should get the flu jab later this year.

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The authorities are trying to lessen the burden on the NHS during winter. If maximum people get the winter flu jab, NHS will have to deal with fewer patients during coronavirus pandemic. Hence, this strategy will help the NHS in the coming months.

The UK is trying to bring down cases of coronavirus infection. The government is also hopeful for a coronavirus vaccine after successful trials. Meanwhile, there are people against vaccines who do no want to get the shot. The PM recently left a remark for them by calling them “nuts” for refusing a vaccine.

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