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CDC Suggests Reopening Schools in the US Will be Decided this Fall

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently updated the guidelines about reopening schools in the US. However, the previous guidelines were still there on the website. The recent update also seems similar to the arguments presented by President Donald Trump.

The CDC suggested the school administrations contact their local authorities about the situation of coronavirus in their area. They also issued different measures to control the spread of coronavirus.

The areas where the virus spread moderately have different rules. Such areas should ensure social distancing and wear masks regularly. Also, they should increase sanitization in schools. However, in areas with a high number of Covid-19 cases, schools should remain closed. Such schools can consider online learning for the time being.

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Most states are not in the favor of reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic. Los Angeles district rejected this plan and keep the school closed during fall. The San Diego district will also conduct online classes during the season. However, schools in New York will offer both modes of learning.

The coronavirus in the US is not yet under control. The cases are increasing every single day. During this time, it is not considered safe to reopen the country entirely. Trump also admitted that some schools with areas of high Covid-19 cases should avoid reopening. However, previously he asked for completely reopening schools in the US during fall.

The CDC recently said that children have a low risk of contracting coronavirus infection. As compared to adults who have a higher risk. The data shows that coronavirus caused 0.1 percent of deaths in children in the US. Also, the Covid-19 cases of children and teenagers under the age of 18 constitute 7% of the total cases.

The CDC also mentioned that reports show children do not tend to spread coronavirus infection in their household.

The schools closed in the US in March 2020 after the coronavirus outbreak started. Some children had access to online classes while others had no source of education. Many families can not afford distance learning for their children. They do not have access to the internet or own a computer. Hence, these children can gain education for months.

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According to the CDC, reopening schools in the US is important for the growth of children. They can suffer a loss in developing their skills during this time. School-going children are deprived of social interactions during the coronavirus outbreak. Hence, they need to be physically there in their schools.

The closure of schools for a long time can also harm the mental health of the children. They are deprived of many healthy activities at schools. This might lead them to indulge in unhealthy activities during this time.

The CDC mentioned a list of guidelines for reopening schools in the US. The website shows a list of precautions for the safety of children. Also, the administration is advised to take every possible measure of sanitation. They also recommend educating children about precautionary measures. The parents should also take part in this activity to ensure their safety.

Surveys also show that the American is in favor of reopening schools. However, they should resume classes while following the proper guidelines issued by the CDC.

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