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First-ever Report on Coronavirus in Cat Appeared in the UK made Public

The coronavirus is not only infecting but also animals. Previously, a few cases of Covid-19 in animals came forward. Recently, a case of coronavirus in cats also appeared. The infected cat is a household pet in the UK and it is the first of its kind coronavirus case in the United Kingdom.

The pet cat is from England who got Covid-19 from its owners. The cat suffered from similar symptoms as in humans. The animal had flu-like symptoms and heavy breathing as well. These are common signs of coronavirus in humans.

The owners and the cat have completely recovered from the virus. The pet and the owners did not transmit the infection to other surrounding animals. After this case came forward, the experts warned the residents of the UK. The health experts suggest keeping the pets at bay for the time being. Also, the owners should avoid getting too close to their pets. They should keep their pets outdoors as wells to avoid transmission.

The coronavirus normally causes Covid-19 in humans. It is a lung infection that can also become deadly. The virus affected millions of people around the world and caused numerous fatalities. Few cases of coronavirus in animals came forward in the past months.

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Previously a Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong caught coronavirus infection and recovered from the disease. However, he died later after he returned to the owner.

The researchers from Glasgow University tested hundreds of cats for the coronavirus infection. They also tested the coronavirus in cats who got the infection. The Animal and Plant Health Agency laboratory confirmed the positive test in the cat.

The spokesperson of the Prime Minister said that a vet from a private clinic referred the feline for the Covid-19 test. The owners of the cat took it to the vet after it showed symptoms. The spokesperson also said that the cat showed symptoms of a lung infection.

The health officials confirmed that the cat did not transmit the coronavirus to the owners. The studies also show that humans transmit the virus to animals. Hence, animals do not spread the virus among humans.

Public Health England suggested people to regularly sanitize themselves when they touch an animal. Christine Middlemiss, the Chief Veterinary Officer confirmed that the test for coronavirus in the cat is positive. She also said that the coronavirus infection in animals is a rare case.

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The coronavirus in animals causes mild illness and they also recover quickly. Currently, there is no evidence that the virus can spread from animals to humans. Middlemiss also said that the department will look at the cases of Covid-19 in animals closely. They will also update the pet owners about the guidelines as the situation progresses.

The case of coronavirus in the cat was sent to the World Organization for Animal Health. Professor Jonathan Ball from the University of Nottingham is an expert on infectious diseases. He said that household pets can contract the coronavirus infection from owners. However, there is no evidence that pets can become sick.

The domestic animals carry very low viral load due to which they cannot transmit it to humans. The only possible way to protect them is by limiting your contact. If an owner has symptoms of coronavirus, they should try to avoid contact with their pets.

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