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New Cases of COVID-19 in China are Fuming Popular Viral Controversies Again

The coronavirus cluster first reported in a part of the northeast in China is now spread to many other provinces. These new cases of COVID-19 in China are all being discussed all over the media. The local authorities are re-applying the restrictions to prevent the second wave of coronavirus. But whole this situation has put China into a difficult position on hiding and misleading the status of coronavirus cases in the country.

Recently China declared that the situation is under control and it was the first time after the virus was first reported that there were almost no new cases. The lockdowns were lifted from major cities of China and many local businesses were back to normal.

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But some recent outbreaks are still a concern because the coronavirus has not just limited its spread to China. It has now become a global concern. Recently there were 68 new cases of COVID-19 in China which is by far the highest number of cases in a single day, after April.

Among these, nearly 57 are located in the Xinjiang, a northwestern part of the country. Previously this area experienced millions of coronavirus patients and was under a strict lockdown to control the situation.

Six new cases were reported from an industrial city named Dalian that is located in the province of Liaoning. Here the new cluster was reported in the last week and the total number of new cases is now 44.

The health officials are concerned that these cases from Dalian have spread it to nine other cities in five different regions of China. The virus has even made to the Fujian which is a province in southeast China.

Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian is now under wartime emergency mode after it discovered that an asymptomatic coronavirus patient has traveled 900 miles away from it. It means that anyone who has been in contact with him during this travel is also on the verge of the virus. It is like creating small viral hotspots that could initiate new cases of COVD-19 in China.

Another report from Beijing confirms that the presence of new cases and started testing all residents around this patient’s house. Also, at least 12 new cases are reported in Dalian and all of them are asymptomatic. China is taking a record of all asymptomatic cases individually.

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Right now, The Chinese Super League is on-going but under strict control and prevention plans. The Health Officials from Dalian have confirmed conducting coronavirus tests of all six million locals that will be completed in four days. In this regard, 1.68 million samples are already obtained and are all set to analyze for the presence of virus.

There is a ban on all group activities including the dine ins. All customers in local restaurants have to display their health code from their personal phones when they enter into an eatery.

On the other side, Shenzhen has conducted nearly 3000 tests again. These tests are conducted after a truck driver from Hong Kong who was coronavirus positive was reported in the city.  Although Hong Kong was somehow successful in controlling the outbreak the local cases have re-emerged a few weeks ago.


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