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What is Cellulite and How Can You Treat It?

Cellulite is a skin condition commonly found in most of the women. It causes dimples in the skin but it does not have any medical significance. It is also found in some men but it affects 90% of women. Despite the common misconception, cellulite in women is not fat and does not appear due to obesity. It is a condition in which the skin appears dimpled as the fat tissue adjusts between the skin and the muscle.

The skin and muscles are connected through septae that are fibrous bands. These bands cause the particular appearance of the skin which is referred to as cellulite. Many factors can cause cellulite n women. The main reason behind its formation is the thinning of the skin due to age or sun damage.

The factors that can lead to the development of cellulite include genetics, lifestyle, and sex of the person. However, it is not very clear how this skin condition develops.

Neil Sadick, MD. Is a clinical professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medicine in NYC. He published a review in February 2019 in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology. It mentions various causes of cellulite formation including changes in the vascular system. Inflammation of the tissues and hormonal changes can also cause cellulite. Other structural factors can also contribute to its formation.

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Hormones play an important role in various skin conditions in women. Most of the time cellulite in women develops after puberty. The hormonal changes lead to the puckering of the skin. This does not depend upon the weight of the female. Hence, obesity or being overweight does not cause cellulite formation.

Some women want to treat this skin condition and do different remedies for it. According to the American Council on Exercise, several exercises can help decrease the appearance of cellulite. Different workout plans help tone the muscles which also makes the skin firm.

Many people believe that cellulite is a result of fat deposits in the body. However, it is not entirely true. Although some exercises can help reduce it, it does not go away from reducing the weight.

Cellulite is mainly a structural component of the body. Hence, it is not possible to eliminate it. In some cases, exercise helps to make it less visible. But sometimes it becomes even more noticeable as the skin becomes lax due to sudden weight loss.

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There are some effective ways to get rid of cellulite in women. But none of the solutions is permanent. Some treatments last over the years. These include surgical treatments that remove the fibrous bands under the skin. This makes the skin appear a lot flat and the appearance of cellulite becomes lesser.

Laser treatment and fillers are also effective procedures to reduce their appearance. However, it is essential to compare the side effects and complications of each treatment. Even though many women consider cellulite as a flaw, it is a natural constituent of the body. However, there are different ways to treat it and reduce the appearance of cellulite in women.

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