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13-year-old Girl Talks About Her Struggle with Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues affect people of all ages and anyone can be living with it. Many people in their teenage years face different mental health problems due to various reasons. It can be due to a changing environment, life at school, hormones, or family problems.

Ezrealla Heard aged 13 suffered from mental illness and stayed quiet about it for 2 years. She did not open up about her struggles to her family as she feared to lose their affection towards her. Ezrealla or Ezi said that she was scared while going through mental health issues. She did not exactly know what was going on with her. Therefore, she chose to stay quiet about it and never told her family about her struggle.

Heard kept telling herself that her mom will stop loving her if she tells her about it. Also, she feared that she’ll get distant from her. However, she could not stand it anymore and eventually opened up to her mother. She suffered from the issue for quite a long time. But later she realized that she needs some help. Therefore, she spoke to her mother about it.

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Ezi’s mother, Karly Smith said that her life changed after Ezi talked to her about it. Smith said that she was clueless about how to help her daughter. No parent is ever prepared to see their child go through a mental health issue.

Ezi lives with her single mom and two younger siblings. Her mother got her some locally available help but it did not do much. She explained that it was a frustrating experience for her. They had to wait for months before they could help Ezi. Many other kids also face the same issue when they need help on time.

Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health reported that one out of five children from Badger State suffers from a mental health illness every year. Another major problem is that 44% of the kids do not get the help they need. These children are mostly diagnosed with depression.

Smith highlighted the importance of mental health services. She said that it is important to get help when your child thinks that to need to harm themselves. But no source can help them on time. Smith was extremely scared of losing her daughter to her struggle with mental health.

Ezi’s mother admitted to a mental health facility 3 hours away from her home. This was her only choice as no other center was available for a long time. She said that Ezi needed help and it was really important to her.

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Ezi did not have many hopes about getting. However, to her surprise, she returned home with a lot of improvement. Ezi believed that she will not like staying at the facility. But she found people with struggles similar to hers and it made her feel a lot better.

Ezi wanted to share her struggle with mental illness so people can inspire her and she can become a hope for someone else. She also wants to shed some light on the difficulties that kids face when it comes to mental health issues. Ezi wants to spread awareness about this topic and let other kids of her age know that it does not make them any less human.

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