Never Rinse your Plates Before Loading Them Into Dishwasher- Warning

Rinsing the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher sounds like an average thing, something that most people do without even paying attention to it. This primary rinse quickly removes the leftovers from the dishes which otherwise accumulate like a pile of dirt in the dishwasher and is hard to remove.  But it is not something recommended by the cleaning experts.

The Australian cleaning expert Ashley Iredale said in one of her recent interviews that there is no need to rinse the dishes. This first rinse before loading to dishwasher can make them dirtier than they were before rinsing them.

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All the modern-day dishwashers come with sensors that automatically sense the dirt on the dishes. When the dishwasher starts its first cycle, the powerful jets clean these dishes thoroughly. But if the dishes were rinsed before, it may make dishwasher believe that they are not dirty and it will only run the light washes. It explains why sometimes the dishes are still left dirty after running a full cycle.

Instead of rinsing the dishes, it is better to scrap the solid food and discard it before loading them to the dishwasher. The machine will make sure to clean the rest.

Although worrying about clogging the dishwasher is genuine but cleaning the filter once every month is enough to keep it clean. This filter is typically found under the spraying arm inside the dishwasher.

This trick doesn’t help on plates that were left for hours before loading into the dishwasher. In this case, it needs some extra help to lose the residues and dirt on the dishes.

Bridget Gardner is the director of High-Performance Cleaning. She says that plates covered in food residues stick to them and leaving the dishes for hours before washing them is a bad idea. It adds extra burden on the dishwashing machine to remove all this dirt.

Many people believe that washing dishes with hands is better and cleaner than dishwasher-based cleaning. But the truth is that the dishwasher saves money and effort both. All the good quality dishwashers are Energy Star-certified which may reduce the electricity bill up to $100 per year.

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It also saves water, in addition to just saving money. The research conducted by The Energy Star Program says that using a dishwasher helps to save 7,000 gallons of water annually in comparison with the hand washing the dishes.

Additionally, The National Resources Defense Council also explains using up to 27 gallons of water in hand washing the dishes in every load. Whereas, the dishwasher only needs 3 gallons.

It encourages all energy-efficient machines users to switch to the dishwashers instead of washing the dishes by hand.

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