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Coronavirus Outbreak at Summer Camp Before Schools Reopen

The coronavirus outbreak is controlled in several countries and many people are looking forward to reopening schools in fall. Many experts also claimed that children do not spread coronavirus as much as adults. Hence, the authorities are considering reopening schools as the summer break is almost ending.

There is no solid evidence that suggests children can not spread coronavirus. There are mixed opinions from experts over the issue. Recently, a study published in JAMA Pediatrics. The research involved children age 5 years and above.

The researchers took samples from the children to test for coronavirus. The test showed that young children and adults above 18 years of age have an equal viral load in their samples. It is also important to note that children younger than 5 years of age had the highest viral load in their sample.

This study shows that the youngest children might be the source of an outbreak among their populations. But there are certain limitations to this study. The researchers considered the non-infectious viral samples for this study. Hence, they can not determine if the children spread the infectious virus.

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the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported an outbreak in Georgia. The outbreak occurred in a summer camp of children previously in June. The summer camp started at the end of the month. After only 2 days, a staff member experienced coronavirus symptoms. The teenager got a positive test on the very next day.

The camp officials closed the camp within 3 days and sent the children home. The camp included kids even younger than 6 years. According to the recommendation of the Georgia Department of Public Health, all attendees of the summer camp received a coronavirus test.

The summer camp included 597 residents of Georgi. The health officials looked at 344 results from the tests. The attack rate of the virus from this analysis was 51% among children aged between 6-10 years. The report showed a 44% attack rate among people aged between 11-17 years. Also, the people aged between 18-21 years had an attack rate of 33%.

According to the report, the staff members had the highest attack rate of 56%. This shows that the attack rate depends upon the time spent at the camp. The staff started returning the kids to their homes as soon as the symptoms of Covid-19 appeared.

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The authors of the study also mentioned that the attack rate of coronavirus was probably higher than they calculated. They had the results from only 57% coronavirus tests of the camp attendees. The researchers are also unable to point out if anyone was already infected before the camp started.

The staff members had to wear the masks at all times. However, there was no such compulsion for the campers. The researchers are also not sure if the attendees followed the preventive guidelines. Hence, there was a high risk of spread of coronavirus.

The authors also said that the findings in this study show that the coronavirus spread among people of all age groups equally. They also said that various engaging activities at the summer camp led to an outbreak of the virus.

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