Teenagers Need Sexual Health Education, Here’s Why

Sexual health education is often considered taboo in many households. Several parents avoid discussion on this topic with their children due to many reasons. However, sexual education is not about teaching your child how to engage in the act. It is based upon the information, education, and health risks associated with it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that talking about sexual education does not make teenagers engage in more sexual activities. On the contrary, it helps them think about the risks and make better decisions for themselves. It can also help prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among teenagers. Other issues such as pregnancy in teenagers can also be avoided through proper education.

A lack of sex education for teenagers can lead to wrong concepts in their minds. Teenagers are extremely curious at their age and they try to explore things by themselves. However, proper sexual health education can help them take the right idea of everything.

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Sexual awakening usually starts from the age of 9 years and ranges to 12 years old. Their body starts evolving after this and many questions arise in their mind. Every child deserves to have proper guidance at that age so they can make proper decisions while considering every aspect.

Some teenagers can also develop feeling guilt over thoughts of sex and relationships. It is important to educate them as it can harm their mental health. The parents must establish a healthy relationship with their children. Therefore, teenagers can be easier to deal with and promote good communication with them.

Sometimes a parent is unable to talk to their child about sexual health education due to embarrassment or poor communication. In such a case, it is better to seek help from a professional. A pediatrician, therapist or a medical professional can help in such a case.

The modern age is of technology and almost everyone has access to every kind of information. Teenagers are at risk of coming across sexual information on the internet which is hyper-sexualized. Another problem is the rate of increased teenage pregnancies. Many girls around the world go through this because of a lack of sexual health education.

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There is also a need for a proper sexual health education course in schools. The curriculum should contain basic knowledge as well as information about STDs. Teenagers should also be exposed to information about different methods of contraception. This is the only way to reduce the increasing teenage pregnancies among girls.

The sex education curriculum not only needs basic information but also topics including gender equality to promote healthy relationships. The increased exposure to such information in an adequate way can help reduce cases of violation and abuse. It also teaches about healthy boundaries.

Teenagers should have access to a curriculum appropriate for their age. Also, everyone should have equal access to the course. These courses can help promote responsibility among teenagers regarding their sexual choices. It can also help them make informed decisions. The kids also need education about their evolving body and adolescence. Such courses in schools can help them better understand themselves.

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