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The Youngest Coronavirus in the World Died in India

A two days old baby in India lost her life to the coronavirus today leaving the mother infected, struggling for her life. This baby is the youngest coronavirus patient in the world who unfortunately didn’t survive and died shortly.

The baby was diagnosed with coronavirus on August 1st, confirmed by the doctor. Attending her. Reportedly this baby was born with the infection as her mother was also a coronavirus patient. The mother was getting her treatment from the Agartala Government Medical School in India.

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The doctors took a swab sample from the newly born baby girl to confirm that she has coronavirus.

Children infected with coronavirus are uncommon and deaths caused by the virus in younger children are extremely rare. Previously, NHS England reported the death of a 13 years old boy in the UK. In the month of May, a six weeks old baby was also diagnosed with the deadly virus.

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahad, a 13 years old boy from Brixton in South London lost his life to the virus in March. He had no underlying medical conditions.

The researchers are still trying to understand the spread of coronavirus that adds health risk for certain people even underage children.

In children, coronavirus is typically linked with a chronic inflammatory disease named Kawasaki Disease which is extremely uncommon. However, this inflammation has shown up in many coronavirus patients especially in younger children.

Kawasaki disease typically affects children below 5 years of age. It is also called mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome which shows up as high temperature that typically lasts for 5 days or more.

Other symptoms of this disease include the following.

  • Skin rashes
  • Swollen glands
  • Dry cracked lips
  • Redness in toes
  • Red watery eyes
  • High-grade fever

It is hard to diagnose this condition at first but after a few weeks, the symptoms become more clear. However, it is not known that this inflammation was reported in this case of the youngest patient of coronavirus in the world or not.

There is no way to prevent Kawasaki disease in children. If it is diagnosed within 4 to 6 weeks of the onset of symptoms, it is possible to treat it. However, some complications may still last afterward.

There is no way to treat Kawasaki disease at home and it requires extensive medical care offered by a hospital. As soon as the treatment starts, the patient starts to feel better and within a few days, he gets a complete recovery from it. Some patients are likely to experience cardiovascular conditions while being hit with the Kawasaki disease.

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There is no known reason for Kawasaki disease but researchers assume it has more than one underlying factor.

The coronavirus death toll has increased to a record level and India has the third-highest number of coronavirus cases. This baby who is considered as the youngest coronavirus patient in the world is from the Northeast of India which has reported 5,200 deaths by the pandemic so far.

India has reported more than 39,000 deaths as per official deaths however there is a possibility that the actual number including the unreported cases is much more than this number. A country with a population of 1.35 billion people, it is possible that the actual coronavirus deaths are much higher than reported.



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