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WHO Warns People to Follow Precautions after the Coronavirus Death Toll Crossed 700,000

World Health Organization (WHO) has warned younger people to put a stop to their ‘parties’ and festivities that are reportedly causing new coronavirus cases to surge. The coronavirus death toll has reached more than 700,000 cases and it doesn’t seem like this virus is taking a stop anytime soon. Until a vaccine is here, only precautionary measures like following social distancing and gatherings could help to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The younger people are believed to cause the recent increase in COVID-19 cases. The most responsible target group for this spread is considered to be between 15 to 24 years. Not only this age group is highly reluctant in halting their activities but also hesitant to share the details for contact tracing.

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The officials at the World Health Organization are urging young people to play a more responsible role in the new coronavirus cases. Gathering around for parties, holidays, barbeques and fun fails the whole concept of easing the restrictions.

This pandemic is not something to celebrate and having a lockdown or vacations from universities doesn’t mean it’s the time to ‘enjoy’ this period by gathering and partying together, it says. The coronavirus cases in people between 15 to 24 years of age have increased three times during the last three months, showing that this age group is the ‘most exposed’ to the virus.

The new warning has come forward after the coronavirus death toll has reached 700,000 with no prediction to make a stop at any time.

Mike Ryan the Emergencies Chief at World Health Organization (WHO) says that it is the right time for the younger ones to take up some responsibility. He requests everyone who has received an invitation to any party to take one minute and think does he really want to be there exposing himself to a number of people?

Although coronavirus cases in younger people are relatively low, even the death risk is much lower in younger individuals. But it doesn’t mean that the risk of coronavirus is over for them. If not them, they are highly likely to infect their parents, grandparents, or any high-risk patient around, despite showing mild coronavirus symptoms which automatically vanish on their own.

It is not the younger people who are in danger, everyone who is around them and belongs to any of the high-risk category issued by CDC is more likely to die of coronavirus. However, the WHO data reveals a significant increase in coronavirus cases in young adults which proves its point of playing a more responsible role in pandemic management.

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Ryan also shares that these young people are the least cooperative in providing details or disclosing their contacts for tracing coronavirus patients. What they need to understand is that contact tracing is for their own safety; it is not to put their friends in any danger.

For better overall control of the coronavirus pandemic’s situation in the US, everyone including the younger ones have to understand the significance of social distancing, wearing a mask, and practicing good hand hygiene unless this pandemic is over.

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