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Second Wave of Coronavirus Hit Germany, Experts Warn Public

Germany was one of the countries successful in containing the coronavirus outbreak. However, it seems like the second wave of coronavirus in Germany already started. It might be due to people not following the social distancing and completely ignoring the preventive guidelines. The German doctors’ union chief said that this increased the coronavirus cases once again in the country.

According to the health experts, the negligence of the public towards the virus is once again spreading the infection among their communities. People stopped the preventive measures when the cases dropped in the country. However, the coronavirus cases are rising once again over the past weeks.

Susanne Johna is the president of Marburger Bund and representative of German doctors. She said that the second wave of the virus has already reached the country. She also said that the negligence of people towards social distancing could ruin their progress in the past months. After the lockdown ended, people were desperate to get back to their normal life once again. However, this led to the second wave of coronavirus in Germany.

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The German government urged their public to stick to social distancing, take care of their hygiene, and wear masks regularly. The country fought the pandemic by implementing social distancing rules in the country. Also, the health care system of the country helped them keep the coronavirus deaths lower than their neighbor countries.

At the time when Italy and France were struggling with the pandemic, Germany maintained the lowest number of deaths through frequent coronavirus testing.

According to the data provided by the Robert Koch Institute, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country reached 211,281 from 879 on Tuesday. The death toll due to coronavirus also increased from 8 to 9,156 mortalities.

Johna mentioned that hospitals in Germany are equipped and prepared to accommodate more coronavirus patients. Also, the intensive care wards will be available for the patients of coronavirus infection.

Mannheim University surveyed 3,600 individuals in Germany. The survey found that 50 percent of the individuals who are the carriers of the virus did not adhere to social distancing. They used to go out multiple times a week and socialize with other people. This rate was as low as 30% previously in May and even lower to only 10% back in March.

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Recently, nearly 20,000 people in Berlin protested against the rules and regulations implemented by the German government. This huge number of people gathered to lift the coronavirus regulations in the country. Most of the people were not wearing masks in the rally. Also, there was no practice of social distancing and people gathered close together in the protest.

The experts warn that these practices can cause a bigger outbreak of coronavirus in the country. This perhaps why there is a second wave of coronavirus in Germany. The health officials are warning people from the beginning of the pandemic to take care of their hygiene. It is also important to wear masks and avoid close interactions with people to avoid the spread of the virus.

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