40% Increase in Cardiovascular Death During the Lockdown in UK

The coronavirus lockdown had a negative impact on not only mental health but also the physical health of people. Recent research shows that the coronavirus lockdown in the UK caused an increase in 40% deaths due to heart attack. This research is published in the European Heart Journal Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes.

The experts from the University of Leeds interpreted that the number of heart patients in hospitals decreased during the lockdown. In England, the number of patients dropped by 50 percent from April to May. The data also showed that most of the deaths occurred from a mild heart attack. Such conditions can usually be treated and the patient survives if he receives timely treatment.

The researchers also said that most of the people with fatal health conditions avoided their visit to the hospital. Most of the critically ill patients did not reach out or seek medical help during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

Dr. Jianhua Wu is the lead author of this study. He said that the government had a stay at home slogan during the lockdown. This slogan might have caused the unintentional increase in death due to heart attack.

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The researchers believe that some patients might have avoided their visit to the hospital in fear of contracting the coronavirus infection. The burden on the hospital also increased due to the increasing number of coronavirus patients in the country. Hence, many people preferred to stay at home instead of increasing the burden on the health care system.

According to an estimate by the experts, 2000 critically ill patients avoided seeking medical help during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. However, these patients needed emergency help, as stated by the NHS.

The coronavirus lockdown in the UK started on March 23 after the outbreak started in the country. The authorities asked the public to stay at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus infection.

The Ministers in the UK raised the slogan to stay at home and asked the people to decrease the burden of patients on the NHS. The research analyzed data from 99 hospitals located in England.

The researchers compared the data of hospital admissions of heart patients during the lockdown and before the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. The number of patients with a life-threatening heart attack decreased by 49% during the shut down in the country.

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These patients suffered from the ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) which is the most fatal kind of heart attack. This heart attack occurs when a blood vessel gets blocked. The blood vessel is usually responsible for the oxygenation of the heart.

The heart patients who survive this kind of heart attack have permanent damage to their heart. Also, their life span shortens by many years. The experts also gave the patients guidelines to deal with mild conditions at home. However, severe complications like these need medical help and the patient can not survive without a doctor.

The experts saw a prominent decrease in heart-related patients during the coronavirus lockdown in the US. The number of deaths of these patients also increased during this period.

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