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A Breakthrough Menopause Treatment without Using Hormones Pills

Menopause is a difficult stage of a woman’s life which could take several ups and downs, making daily life miserable. The symptoms of menopause are extremely uncomfortable and could make any woman irritable and stressed. The typical menopause treatment involves hormonal pills which often cause other problems in women. That’s why a brand new, non-hormonal treatment for menopause symptoms is regarded as an ideal solution for women in their late middle-ages.

This first non-hormonal treatment to get over the hot flashes, fatigue, irritability, and other symptoms common in menopause is here. This treatment has passed the clinical trials and the complete study findings of this trial are published in the journal Menopause (2020).

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The study conducted by the School of Medicine, University of Colorado has come up with a non-hormonal oral medicine Fezolinetant which relieves the symptoms making menopause treatment more efficient. It is a true help for women in their late middle ages, that are struggling with the menopause-related symptoms. Although, talking about it is uncommon but more than 80% of women in the US experience these uncomfortable symptoms which affect their mental health and stability, in addition to physical discomfort.

Nanette Santoro is the chairperson of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,  University of Colorado School of Medicine.

She says that it is an effective alternative for the estrogen linked treatment prescribed to the menopausal women for hot flashes and irritability. Although there are medicines that could relieve this condition they come with their own side effects. Besides, these medicines-based menopause treatments are less efficient than estrogen-based treatment, so hormonal therapy is a preferred option for these women.

The study analyzed 353 middle-aged women and overlook the severe menopausal vasomotor symptoms in them for example hot flashes, mood swings, and stress. It took 12-weeks to collected data and observe the effects of fezolinetant as well as placebo. The suggested non-hormonal treatment was tested in different dosages to find out the best among all.

The vasomotor symptoms or VMS affect sleep, productivity, performance, relationships, and social status of a person. It could make anyone stressed, embarrassed, fearful, angry, or irritable. In the worst cases, it could also lead a person to follow social isolation and depression. All these factors suggest the dangerous effects of vasomotor symptoms on the physical as well as mental health of women, affecting the quality of their life.

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Usually, these VMS symptoms could be triggered by anything such as the activity of neurons which directly changes the thermoregulatory functioning inside women’s brains. The hormone estrogen helps as it regulates this activity but when this hormone is reduced, it could no longer do the benefit, which is why the person feels irritable hot flashes. Alternately, Fezolinetant could help as it blocks the signaling of neurokinin B (NKB) and improves the neuron activity.

More than 80% of participants from this study who used fezolinetant found it helpful against the menopause symptoms. They reported up to a 90% reduction in the onset of these symptoms. This significantly higher success of fezolinetant suggests it a better treatment for menopause symptoms that don’t require hormone therapy.

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