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Menopausal Women may be Confused with COVID-19 Positive Patients Because of Temperature Checks

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the temperate of customers and clients is checked outside every airport, restaurant, and pub in the UK. The employees use devices used to detect temperature outside the location. However, some experts fear that menopausal women can get denied to enter such locations due to hot flush.

The devices used to detect temperature can also detect the heat produced in the skin. This can show up like a fever, a symptom of coronavirus infection. A hot flush is a physiological reaction in the body of menopausal women. Therefore, it is necessary to put particular measures for such women in action. This will prevent these women from receiving biased treatment at a pub or a restaurant.

Many offices, restaurants, clinics use temperature detection devices to check the fever. These devices are held at the forehead of the person to check the temperature. However, these devices are not very reliable to detect if the person has a fever.

According to the experts, these devices cannot measure the temperature from the core of the body. These are superficial devices and these are not accurate. Another drawback to these devices is that a lot of patients do not develop a fever after infection. A person might carry the coronavirus and never develop this symptom. Such a person can easily pass through a detection device and spread the infection.

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Placing a thermometer on the forehead can not only give an estimate of the body temperature. The accurate temperature is measure by placing a thermometer in the mouth or the armpit. Only this method gives an accurate temperature from the core of the body.

The temperature of the body rises as a result of the immune response. The body tries to fight the virus and as a result, causes inflammation in the body. This leads to increased temperature in the core of the body.

The temperature of the skin can change due to various reasons. It usually rises after strenuous activity or it can be due to the environment. During a hot flush, the skin of the woman heats up for some time. Thus, the thermal scanners can detect a hot flush as fever and suspect the person of an infection.

During menopause, the hormones of the body fluctuate which have several effects on the body. One of these is the hot flush in the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin that starts dilating.

The rise in temperature of the skin is detectable through the thermal scanners used widely. Menopausal women experience different changes during this phase. Hence, many women experience hot flushes during menopause due to hormonal changes.

Derek Hill is a professor of medical imaging science at University College London. He also said that the thermal detectors can wrongly detect the hot flush of menopausal women. Professor Hill said that the thermal detector can pick up the rise in temperature from the blood vessels expanding near the skin.

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Although these scanners detect skin temperature, it is highly unlikely that they detect a hot flush, according to Hill. He said that the scanners detect temperature from the forehead. The skin of the forehead is exposed to the air. However, a hot flush usually occurs on the skin around the neck area and the chest. These areas are usually under clothing and the scanner might be unable to detect that.

He also said that menopausal women do not need to worry about this situation. There are very few chances an authority would take action against them due to several reasons.

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