Head Rush After Standing Up is Major Risk Factor of Dementia

Some people feel dizzy immediately after standing up due to low blood pressure. A recent study claims that this is an indicator of risk of dementia later in life. The feeling of dizziness occurs due to a condition called orthostatic hypotension. This condition is indicated by the lowering of blood pressure upon standing up.

The researchers from the University of California said that people with this condition have a 40% higher risk of dementia. However, the research shows that this is only true for low systolic blood pressure.

The research published in  American Academy of Neurology.

The experts analyzed 2000 individuals for this research. They determined the link between low blood pressure and risk of dementia. According to the researchers, due to low pressure, the blood flow to the brain reduces temporarily. This causes a decline in cognitive ability with time.

Blood vessels are flexible at a young age but they become stiff as the person grows older. This affects the circulation of blood and problems in blood pressure. This can cause conditions like orthostatic hypotension. Hence, this condition is more common in older people.

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According to a study, this condition affects nearly 5 percent of people below 50 years of age. However, this condition affects 20 percent of individuals who are in their 70s. Out of these, 2 percent of people develop a serious condition. The symptoms of this condition include nausea, dizziness, or a head rush and blurry vision after standing up.

The study conducted by the researchers from the University of California included people who were aged 73 years on average. These people had not developed dementia at the time of the study.

The researchers took their blood pressure at different times when they sit down or stand up. They measured the blood pressure three times between 5 years. The researchers evaluated the participants for 12 years. The findings of the study showed that 22% of the individuals developed dementia.

The scientists are not sure about the exact reason of developing dementia. However, major factors that trigger this condition include blood pressure, heart disease, and the flow of blood to the brain. The researchers also suggest measuring the blood pressure of the person occasionally before they sit and stand up. This can help predict the risk of dementia and probably prevent them from developing this condition.

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In particular cases of vascular dementia, small signs of stroke in the brain appear through a brain scan. This shows that the interruption of blood to the brain has a link to the disease. Hence, it is important to maintain the health of the brain and the uninterrupted supply of oxygen.

Blood provides oxygenation to the brain and it helps in the proper functioning of the brain. However, in the case of a temporary interruption of supply, a condition such as dementia can develop. The disease already affects millions of people in the US. Hence, it is necessary to minimize any risks that can lead to brain disease.

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