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 Coronavirus Spreads in Younger People is More Rapidly Than Older Ones

The coronavirus outbreak is still not under control after months and cases are rising every day in different regions. The current center of the outbreak in Europe and the coronavirus in younger people is spreading rapidly.

Previous surveys showed that younger adults are less likely of contracting the infection. However, the recent surge is among this population which is a matter of concern for the younger people.

Dr. Hans Kluge from the World Health Organization (WHO) is the Europe director. He said that the coronavirus cases are increasing in several localized communities. The outbreaks are due to the behavior of the people towards this situation.

He also said that the reports show many outbreaks are among the younger adults. Several people traveled for holidays and ignored social distancing. This increased the cases again in those countries where the infection reduced previously. These people were also part of raves, parties, and huge gatherings after the lockdown ended.

The increasing number of cases among the younger population raises concern among the authorities. This is also a time for younger adults to reconsider their behavior during the pandemic.

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The Preston Council in the UK previously warned young people to avoid the spread of infection among the community. According to reports, nearly half of the new coronavirus cases are among the people younger than 30 years of age.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control provides information about coronavirus cases in different countries. Many countries do not collect data depending upon the age of different people. However, the data provided by the UK are from different age groups.

Other regions that provide age group information of the coronavirus cases include Spain, Denmark, and Austria. These countries also observed a spike in cases among the younger population.

Previous studies suggest that the coronavirus in younger people is only in mild form and does not cause severe infection. However, the infection can cause a long term effect on the lungs and heart. This can lead to other health conditions later in life.

The rise of coronavirus in younger people is also a matter of concern for the vulnerable communities. They can spread the infection among older people who have a greater risk of death due to the virus.

Dr. Jeremy Rossman is a senior lecturer of virology from the University of Kent. He said the cases of coronavirus in younger people are possibly higher than the reported numbers. Most of these people do not get their test due to mild symptoms of infection.

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Even though these people have less severe symptoms or asymptomatic, they can transmit the virus to other vulnerable communities. The cases of the virus in this population are overlooked during the outbreak.

The coronavirus cases in Florida are consistently rising over the past weeks. According to a study, the highest surge in cases was observed in people of the age group of 20-24 years. This shows that the cases of coronavirus in younger people rise rapidly.

The surge in infection in this community is due to various reasons. The younger population have a more social life than older people. They have more contacts due to which the infection spreads rapidly. Also, the community neglected the preventive measures and guidelines during the past month which contributed to a spike in cases of coronavirus in the younger people.

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